Stealth Now Live on Altilly Crypto Exchange

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The CEO of Altilly, Nayiem Willem announced on Oct.10, “we’re pleased to have Stealth (XST) join our exchange platform.” Willem added further noting Stealths strength as a formidable coin:

“As a well-established coin on their own chain, we believe that Stealth is a great addition to the markets we offer.”

The integration of Stealth XST coin is a welcome development and it's projected to boost the trading activities on the Altilly platform.


Stealth provides the fastest cryptographically private digital currency possible. The Stealth blockchain provides almost instant transactions with absolute privacy protection using state of the art cryptography combined with streamlined blockchain execution. This new technology is called Quantum proof of stake qPoS.


Stealth is projected to be integrated into more exchange platforms once the full release of Junaeth, a new variant of qPoS has been achieved.


With Altilly, a Swedish based digital trading platform that boasts of fast and secure transactions owing to the deployment of cutting edge technology in the development of its protocols. Altilly has streamlined the cryptocurrency listing process in order to provide the means to reach more markets, a mission that aligns with Stealth push to be the number one private cryptocurrency in the world as properly described on its website,



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