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T-Mobile Hacker Leaks Clients' Data to Sale for 6 BTC

Godfrey Benjamin Aug 17, 2021 10:05

The hacker who breached T-Mobile's system intends to sell the data in underground marketplace for 6 BTC

T-Mobile Hacker Leaks Clients' Data to Sale for 6 BTC

United States Telecommunication giant T-Mobile has suffered a massive breach from its servers, compromising over 100 million customer data. 

As reported by Motherboard, the data compromised includes T-Mobile customer’s Social Security numbers, names, addresses, and driver licenses. 

According to multiple reports, the hacker is selling a portion of the data containing 30 million social security numbers and driver’s licenses in an underground marketplace for 6 Bitcoin’s, worth approximately $277353.42 per BTC price at the time of writing.

Despite the claims that the company has restricted access to its servers from the malicious actors, the hacker said the stolen data are already backed up in multiple locations.

It is unclear yet how the data was breached, and it appears the vulnerability in T-Mobile systems is a perpetual route being exploited by cybercriminals. Year on year, similar data breach incidents were notably recorded.

Blockchain ecosystems have also been subjected to several hacks recently. The protocol breaches took various forms, like a senior worker whose violation of web safety regulations triggered a hacking vulnerability on the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb’s servers.

The emerging world of decentralised finance has also witnessed the attack in its history when the interoperability protocol Poly Network was hacked. The hacker, named by the network as Mr White Hat, stole about $610 million from Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon Network. While the entire hacking ordeal, which lasted for about a week, ended up with the White Hat returning the whole funds, it also showcases that, like T-Mobile, no protocol is safe from cybercriminals.

A deliberate effort to boost transparency in blockchain protocols is known to aid in the recovery of data or funds stolen, unlike other digital systems that big tech firms build on.

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