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The Fight for Freedom: Bitcoin and Hong Kong Battle Old World Control

Geoffrey Gardiner Oct 09, 2019 08:12

Financial systems and governments clash. Hong Kong and Bitcoin fight for Freedom.

The Fight for Freedom: Bitcoin and Hong Kong Battle Old World Control

The fight for freedom takes on many forms. Financial, speech, right to choose and right to act. 

In 2019, we are all part of a very interesting period in history. 

People want freedom. More control over their lives and more trust. 

Government and banking are two key factors that regulate people’s freedom. 

Depending on where you live, you will need to trust different governments. You trust them to be fair. Manage the currency you work each and every day to earn. As well as the right to certain freedoms being given.  

Financial Freedom 

Money makes the world go around. Money allows us to travel, eat, have shelter and do business. Money is an ever-important tool in dictating which options are open to all of us. 

More options equal more freedom

Bitcoin and blockchain were created to aid in this fight. To ensure people control their own finances. No middle man. No bank. Complete control over money. Money that cannot be inflated or printed. Bitcoin is not stable, but it is getting better. 

Hong Kong is undergoing a very special change. 1 country 2 systems. At this moment, there is a divide between ideals. A divide between freedoms. All made possible by powerful governments and money. 

Capital restriction is well known in China. Citizens are told how they can spend their money. Even where they can spend it. The government controls the people through banking and law. They have a very distinct system. One that comes at a price. That price is control. The government is in control of the people. In control of finance. In control of the country. 

Bitcoin is a system that removes control. There can be no central power. Bitcoin is decentralized. Trust is passed to computing. Exactly the same way we trust our self-driving cars. Handing our lives over to a program, that has been made exactly to drive us safely. We trust in technology every day. Every time we take an elevator. Bitcoin is the same. A technology made with complete security to handle our finances. That we control. With access keys. Again, like a car. 

Human error is a problem. We all make mistakes. We can be clumsy or just have a bad day. Bitcoin has no bad days. It doesn't get sick. It doesn't need a 2-week break. It never shows up late to work. It's 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Technology is the way forward. In finance and the fight for freedom. 

Hong Kong and Bitcoin will both face trials before they get what they want. Many battles lie ahead. People in power do not want to lose it. This applies to those in government. As well as those in finance. The Hong Kong movement and Bitcoin movements threaten the power of an old system. Old methods of doing things. Old systems that are powerful. But not always best when we look back in history. 

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