The Sandbox, FlickPlay Collaborate to Accelerate Interoperability in Metaverse

Brian Njuguna   Apr 19, 2022 04:30 2 Min Read

With the metaverse expected to be worth between $8 trillion and $13 trillion by 2030, virtual world gaming platforms The Sandbox and FlickPlay have joined hands to enhance its adoption by offering players a blockchain asset.

With the interoperability concept being at the heart of the metaverse, the blockchain asset will enable users to move freely between virtual worlds on distinctive platforms, enabling them to carry belongings like virtual clothes. 


Pierina Merino, the CEO and founder of FlickPlay, noted that the partnership would be a stepping stone towards attaining the interoperability feature in the metaverse.


She noted:

“Initially, Flicky owners will unlock a version of the chameleon to use on The Sandbox, but soon they will be able to use the exact version of the digital asset stored on the blockchain in both games.”

Sebastien Borget, The Sandbox’s co-founder, welcomed the collaboration because it would offer a more immersive experience and said:

“The integration is notable because it may be the first to bridge an NFT in the virtual world with usage linked to the physical world.”

The metaverse continues to gain steam in the modern era because it entails shared virtual worlds where avatars, buildings, land, and even names can be bought and sold, often using cryptocurrencies.


Therefore, these virtual worlds are made more lifelike using technologies like augmented reality, blockchain technology, and virtual reality.


Meanwhile, HSBC Holdings, a British multinational investment bank, recently established a metaverse fund to render investment opportunities to its high and ultra-high net worth investors in Singapore and Hong Kong. 


HSBC would pinpoint investment opportunities across five areas in the metaverse ecosystem; infrastructure, interface, computing, experience and discovery, and virtualization through a Metaverse Discretionary Strategy portfolio.

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