Top 4 Platforms to Purchase Christmas Gifts With Bitcoin

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As the yuletide season is fast approaching, one of the most predominant thoughts on the minds of many people is the kind of gift to get for loved ones. Being a season of giving, there is no surprise that given that the usability of cryptocurrencies keeps increasing over the years, websites accepting cryptocurrencies have been on the rise as well.


The rigor of moving your trolley around in a shopping mall in an effort to search for gift items to pick up for Christmas is fast phasing out as this online shopping, and digital forms of payment become more acceptable. In addition to the increase in the digitized forms of purchase and payments, the use of Bitcoin - which is the most widely used cryptocurrency- is also gaining momentum, especially in the world of e-commerce.


Here are some of the best sites that you can make your purchases for the yuletide season.




With over 75000 stores, this platform has grown to become one of the biggest e-commerce websites that allow merchants to create an online shop for themselves and sell their own products.


As after back as 2013, Shopifyhad started supporting Bitcoin payments to merchants on its platform. This payment gateway was made possible through its Bitpay integration.


Overstock.comfirst started supporting Bitcoin purchases since January of 2014. It was launched for the purpose of serving as a platform for the purchase of household items, such as laptops and TV sets, as well as decorative furniture and pillows.




Recently there has been a lot of synergies between the Crypto space and the gaming world as we have seen blockchain technology being integrated into games. It is, therefore, no surprise that a site likeXboxhas made the hurdle a lot easier for anyone with the intention of purchasing a console with Bitcoin.




Gift cards are one of the most ordinary things we see people buying for loved ones in this season, and now we can finally enjoy the benefits of using cryptocurrencies to buy them. Other cryptocurrencies others than Bitcoin can be used on Bitrefill to purchase gift cards, they include Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash, with the service fees ranging between 2% to 3%.


There is an option of choosing from over 1500 vouchers from major retailers, such as Amazon, Steam, Apple, Walmart, PlayStation,

Google Play, Steam, Microsoft, and eBay.



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