Twitter Takes on Decentralization with New Social Media Development Project

Drishti Bhagat   Dec 12, 2019 08:30

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is working on an initiative to decentralize social media, also known as ‘BlueSky,’ alongside five other programmers. Previously, Twitter was known for its decentralized aspect in its early days, and many of its users advocating for it to be that way. With time, the company was influenced by the development of the internet, which Dorsey recognizes to have new challenges – e.g., losing the value of content hosting measures and still gaining tools to redirect the attention of the masses.


His latest initiative will include five developers looking to write codes for this project. Dorsey has dedicated funds for this new project, which ultimately will put social media platforms on blockchain.


Equally, this will make way for censorship resistance and other intricate features that will grab the attention of today’s consumers. At present, the team working on the project, including independent architects and coders. Twitter is not claiming sole ownership of the project; instead, it will join the platform between the client and assist it as an external protocol.


Some of the positive attributes of this project include it circulating in the blockchain space as opposed to trying to compete with mainstream media. Essentially, a blockchain startup has the potential to reach similar levels of recognition by requesting for articles to be written on them. 


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