Two Massachusetts Men Arrested And Charged To US Court For Supposed Social Media Frauds And Crypto Theft

Alo Kingsley   Nov 15, 2019 03:00

shutterstock_1433943440 (1)-min.jpgAccording to a report, two Massachusetts men had been arrested and charged to court on account of stealing victims' social media accounts and cryptocurrency through swapping their sims, hacking their computers, and other nameless techniques.


The two culprits; Eric Meiggs of Brockton (21 years), and Declan Harrington of Rockport (20 years), were charged in an 11 count charges which included these counts: 1 conspiracy, 8 wire fraud, 1 computer fraud and abuse and one serious identity theft.


The indictment read that the culprits targeted owners of cryptocurrency companies and those with substantial amounts of crypto and also those who have influence on social media. Thus, through conspiracy, they swapped their victims Sims and hacked into and assumed control of their accounts.


The indictment claimed that the culprits targeted up to 10 known victims around the country.  They supposedly stole or tried to steal about $550,000 or more in cryptocurrency from these victims alone.  The older of the culprits, Eric Meiggs allegedly assumed control of two victims' accounts with social media companies.


As stated in the press statement, this case is being investigated by the FBI and IRS-CI, the case is being prosecuted by Intellectual Property Section and Assistant U.S. Attorney Amy Harman Burkart, Chief of the Cybercrime Unit and Senior Trial Attorney Mona Sedky of the Criminal Division’s Computer Crime.



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