Is Ethereum 2.0 Ready For the Bull Run?

Matthew Lam   Apr 24, 2020 02:00 3 Min Read

The initial stage of Ethereum 2.0 is set to start in a few months, with many experts arguing that it may be the catalyst for a huge industry bull run. Adam Cochran, a partner at MetaCartel Ventures DAO, released a blog which outlined why he believes Ethereum 2.0 “could prove to be the largest economic shift in society.” So, is Ethereum 2.0 ready for the bull run?

Ethereum 2.0 bull run could transform the industry

While his initial statement might seem slightly farfetched, Cochran goes on to outline his other predictions. He argues that moving Ethereum into staking could trigger an ETH supply shock. Cochran noted that dependable staking rewards between 3% to 5% could bring in capital from major investors, locking up roughly 30% of ETH’s total supply. Then, an impending burn mechanism will reportedly contribute to the falling supply of ETH available.


Cochran believes that this supply shock will trigger FOMO (fear of missing out) in retail traders, who will try to get into the market as quickly as possible. It’ll be even easier than the December 2017 bull run, because buying crypto with fiat is more accessible than ever (thanks to exchanges and trading platforms like eToro).


Cochran noted that with no stop-gap, users will be able to “FOMO” concurrently. Really all that is needed to drive a buying frenzy is a single headline about ETH growth, and retail traders will cause a stir.


Nevermind price growth, Ethereum 2.0 will alter the finance industry forever


Alex Batlin, founder and CEO of Trustology, highlighted that Etheruem 2.0 will have ripple effects that go beyond simple price growth. Batlin highlighted Ethereum 2.0’s improved scalability, which could be used to support the adoption of DeFi by the general population.


For DeFi to really work, we need to get from twenty to one thousand to maybe a couple of thousand transactions per minute, and then we start to get really serious. And ETH 2.0 is getting there. If you look at the specs, it's pretty exciting.” 


Should Ethereum 2.0 maintain its current path, Batlin argued that decentralized finance could eventually be the main protocol that finance functions on.


Whales are accumulating Ether


So, is Ethereum 2.0 ready for the bull run? Whales seem to think so. Trade volumes have risen to record highs on a number of dates over the last year. The price is up at the moment, but still remains below its year-to-date high.


Trading ETH has never been easier for retail investors. Try out social trading on eToro, in a time where social distancing is a necessity.



Ethereum 2.0 will launch this year and could trigger a bull run


So, realistically, is Ethereum 2.0 ready for a bull run? According to two experts, Ethereum 2.0 is ready for some major bull action and could change the industry forever. However, Vitalik Buterin has laid out a multi-year roadmap for the protocol's complete deployment, so these changes could take a fair amount of time to actually see.


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