Opinion: The Merge- Key Questions to Answer
For the upcoming Ethereum Merge, some of the issues and answers to some of the questions often come up about crypto’s biggest event.
Opinion: Why the Ethereum Merge will be a game-changer for DeFi?
Ethereum’s upgrade from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake is about long-term value creation, not short-term price movement, argues Coins.ph CEO Wei Zhou.
Big Names Enter Metaverse
Why there are so many big names entering the Metaverse? It is probably because of fear of missing out.
Opinion: Why Ethereum’s ‘Merge’ Won't Lower Gas Fees?
The Merge won’t make the network much faster or be able to process more transactions per second, which means gas fees won’t change much.
Opinion: What Is Driving the ‘Crypto Winter’?
Winter has hung over the crypto industry, with 2.25 trillion lost across the entire market in the past few months alone. What are the underlying reasons we find ourselves in this crypto winter?
Opinion: How Bitcoin Options Might Help Survival amid the Bear Market?
As inflation is at an all-time high, options contracts could be a good way to hedge some risks to trade an asset in the future at a predetermined price.
Opinion: Terra – A lesson learnt for trading platforms?
The events related to the Terra and Luna collapse highlight why trading platforms need to provide clarity and education for their users. With tighter regulations looming, demonstrating responsibility and a commitment to consumer protection is vital if trading platforms are to thrive.
How Blockchain Will Break Down Barriers to Asset Management?
To tackle issues like global inequality, blockchain is believed one of the ways to break down barriers to asset management among traditional finance sector.
Crypto Market Crash Leaves Investors Counting Losses
Price crashes are a normal part of cryptocurrency investing. It is important to be ready and understand how to minimize losses during a declining market.
Are Blockchains Becoming Centralised?
Envisioned to be decentralised, peer-to-peer systems, public blockchains are becoming centralised, creating an identity crisis for the blockchain community

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