Opinion: Terra – A lesson learnt for trading platforms?
The events related to the Terra and Luna collapse highlight why trading platforms need to provide clarity and education for their users. With tighter regulations looming, demonstrating responsibility and a commitment to consumer protection is vital if trading platforms are to thrive.
How Blockchain Will Break Down Barriers to Asset Management?
To tackle issues like global inequality, blockchain is believed one of the ways to break down barriers to asset management among traditional finance sector.
Crypto Market Crash Leaves Investors Counting Losses
Price crashes are a normal part of cryptocurrency investing. It is important to be ready and understand how to minimize losses during a declining market.
Are Blockchains Becoming Centralised?
Envisioned to be decentralised, peer-to-peer systems, public blockchains are becoming centralised, creating an identity crisis for the blockchain community
Metaverse will change the world in 2022
After Facebook has announced to change its name to "Meta" last summer, the whole world has focused on a term called "Metaverse". The word "Metaverse" has been searched in Google and Youtube every day. However, Meta is not a decentralized organization that is not a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), a Web.30 concept, and GameFi players may not like it.
Top 5 Technology Trends that Might Shape in 2022 and Beyond
One word that has been on the tip of the tongue of almost every second person on this planet especially since the last decade, and that has completely revolutionized the world in which we are currently living, is none other than technology.
Major Advantages of Blockchain Financial Trading
Major Advantages of Blockchain Financial Trading
Best safe investments for your money in 2021
Choosing a reliable broker is a major concern if you want to trade your investments in safe hands since the safety of funds is always the most important.
Benefits and Use cases of Blockchain in Real Estate Sector
From the rental market to general real estate transactions, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are transforming the way landlords do their business.
Gift ideas you can buy with cryptocurrencies
If you think about whether you may purchase a gift for someone with it, you definitely can.

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