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EOS: Bitcoin's Capabilities to be Extended with New 'Docking Layer' exSat

The EOS Network Foundation unveils the exSat whitepaper, a powerful new 'Docking Layer' set to extend Bitcoin's capabilities.

  • May 16, 2024 06:54
EOS: Bitcoin's Capabilities to be Extended with New 'Docking Layer' exSat

EOS Network Foundation Unveils exSat Whitepaper

The EOS Network Foundation, led by Executive Director and Founder Yves La Rose, has revealed the whitepaper for exSat, a powerful new 'Docking Layer' designed to extend the capabilities of Bitcoin. La Rose, a consensus builder within the EOS ecosystem, has devoted his career to the success of the network.

La Rose's interest in technology sparked at a young age when he built his first computer and wrote his first program at seven. His fascination with technology was further amplified by the emergence of Bitcoin, which he started mining in 2010 while exploring the potential of decentralized networks.

From EOS Nation to EOS Network Foundation

After several years of business planning and analysis experience, La Rose began seriously considering an endeavor in the emerging blockchain industry in 2017. He co-founded EOS Nation in February 2018, which eventually became the top-rated block producer on the most valuable network using EOSIO, the EOS Mainnet. However, in May 2021, La Rose resigned as CEO of EOS Nation to pursue a new path.

Recognizing his unique position to unite the EOS Network stakeholders around a foundation working for all EOS token holders, La Rose founded the EOS Network Foundation. Since then, he has dedicated himself to benefit the EOS public blockchain and its global stakeholders.

Introducing exSat: Extending Bitcoin's Capabilities

The introduction of exSat marks a significant step in advancing Bitcoin's capabilities. The 'Docking Layer' is expected to bring new opportunities for users and further establish the potential of decentralized networks. Details about the potential applications and benefits of exSat will be further revealed in the whitepaper.

With the launch of exSat, the EOS Network Foundation continues its commitment to the growth and success of the blockchain industry. The foundation continues to work towards unifying the global EOS community through mutual respect and empowerment, echoing La Rose's holistic approach forged from his experiences living and studying in Japan and travelling throughout Asia.

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