Blockchain Based Ad Networks Represent the Future of Advertising

Blockchain.News Official Team   Apr 01, 2021 02:00

The crypto vertical is a highly converting arena for ad marketing networks. They heavily push crypto to their network of affiliates, taking on a variety of digital exchanges and wallets on the advertiser side of the equation.

Facebook, Twitter and Google make the advertising of crypto banners complicated, that’s if they even allow them to appear, following a recent ban. Even when they do appear, a campaign is tightly controlled to meet the platform’s requirements (of text on the banners, no buttons allowed etc.). 

What better way to market crypto than via the blockchain? 

There are now a variety of blockchain ad network platforms that enable marketers to advertise their crypto ads on their platforms. A decentralized approach to advertising makes complete sense.  It becomes the job of the infallible blockchain, rather than the corruptible or error-prone human to verify and validate any actual deals or traffic conducted or transferred. In an industry where many people complain about ad networks honesty, traffic fraud and payouts, a new trustworthy approach is a game-changer for this arena.

Even then, of course, blockchain advertising platforms are not all created equally. Let’s take a look at the top 3.


Leading Blockchain Ad Networks

1.The AdEx platform, based on the AdEx protocol, offers secure and ethical display advertising, promising transparency unlike that which is available off the blockchain. This is a real market-leader, offering real-time tracking and direct reporting to both the publisher and advertiser. The fact that this is a decentralized protocol, means AdEx combines traditional peer-to-peer technology, cryptography and blockchain to improve the experience on both the buy and sell-side and offers a more relevant approach to the traffic too. It is built with a complex system of software components that make the adverts the user sees relevant, self-learning and self-optimized to consistently deliver results for advertisers and conversions for affiliates. 

2.  Ad Dragon is a pioneering DeFi advertising platform. Much like AdEx, it offers a unique peer-to-peer advertising platform. Ad dragon has built a marketplace where Publishers sell their advertising services, including real estates like sponsored posts, press releases, and banner ad space. Publishers can price these campaign options as they want. Meanwhile, advertisers can select the opportunities to best promote their products or services, at the price they want. This platform is built on Ethereum.

3.Bitmedia is an ad network based on the blockchain that offers affordable ad real estate on a huge selection of publishers’ websites.  Each publisher in this case is checked manually, to ensure that they offer quality publications where conversion is a real opportunity. They allow advertisers to target via different geos, device types, time spans and frequency through CPM and CPC models. Bitmedia only offers text and banner advertising at this time and publishers can receive payouts both on and off-ramp.

In all for all of these platforms, the fact that the middleman is taken out of the equation means greater revenue for the publishers and lower costs for the advertisers. A truly solid approach to advertising for our time.

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