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Digital Asset Investments Surge to $117 Million

Last week, digital asset investment products experienced record inflows and volumes.

  • Jan 31, 2023 11:55
Digital Asset Investments Surge to $117 Million

The European cryptocurrency investment firm CoinShares published its "Digital Asset Fund Flows Report" on January 30. The report revealed that investments in digital assets experienced a surge in inflows last week, reaching $117 million, the highest amount since July 2022. CoinShares is a European investment firm that specialises in cryptocurrencies.

According to a research by CoinShares, the total assets under management for the sector increased to $28 billion, representing a 43% gain from its lows in November 2022. The rise in the volume of investment products exchanged during the week was obvious, totaling $1.3 billion, which represents a 17% increase in comparison to the average for the first 10 months of the year. During this time, weekly trading volumes on the market for digital assets have increased by an average of 11%.

After Germany, Canada, the United States of America, and Switzerland, which each got $30 million, $26 million, and $23 million correspondingly, the country that had the biggest inflows over the last week was Germany, which accounted for 40% of the total ($46 million). The majority of the inflows, totaling $116 million, were invested in Bitcoin (BTC) products, whilst just $4.4 million was invested in short-Bitcoin products, demonstrating that investors had conflicting opinions about the cryptocurrency.

In addition, the report disclosed that multi-asset investment products had seen withdrawals of funds for the ninth week in a row, with the total amount reaching $6.4 million. This seems to indicate, according to James Butterfill, who is in charge of research at CoinShares, that investors are choosing to put their money into more specialised projects. Altcoins such as Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), and Polygon (MATIC) witnessed inflows as a result of this trend. On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM), and Uniswap (UNI) suffered slight outflows.

In addition, investors shown interest in blockchain equities, contributing a total of $2.4 million in new capital. On the other hand, a more in-depth investigation finds that opinions continue to vary depending on the supplier.

The market for digital assets as a whole saw substantial growth over the course of the last week, with investment products witnessing record inflows and better volumes.

The overall trend indicates that investors are becoming more choosy in their investments, with mixed feelings concerning blockchain stocks, despite the fact that this attitude is consistent with the trend.

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