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Minima Blockchain Network Reaches 120,000 Complete Nodes, Surpasses Bitcoin Node Count

The history of blockchain has witnessed another level higher with the number of Minima complete nodes surpassing the number of Bitcoin full nodes.

  • Jul 02, 2022 08:40
Minima Blockchain Network Reaches 120,000 Complete Nodes, Surpasses Bitcoin Node Count

Minima Global, a London-based cooperative blockchain network that enables anyone to run a complete node on mobile and IoT devices, announced on Thursday that the number of Minima nodes has reached 120,000 spread across 183 countries, surpassing Bitcoin’s node count and distribution.

According to the report, 120,000 complete nodes are now connected over the Minima network. Minima achieved such a great success by ensuring running a complete node (that both validates and constructs its blockchain) is as simple as downloading an app so that a completely decentralized network can be built that is both inclusive and scalable while remaining secure and resilient.

The massive growth of Minima’s node count is set to make its network more resistant to cyber-attacks. The higher number of nodes means that the Minima blockchain is now distributed across increasingly more devices, thus making it more difficult for malicious actors to take control of the network. So future tokens and projects built on Minima’s network will be more resilient to such attacks.

Minima’s ultra-lean blockchain enables any crypto user to run a complete node by easily downloading the Minima app on their mobile devices, as both a validator and a block producer of the chain, to ensure everyone is involved in the censorship resistance of the network.

Minima is censorship-resistant in the sense that no single entity or party or individual can prevent anyone from participating in a given platform or network. Any node can broadcast a transaction, and any miner can mine any transaction. Thus, censoring a cryptocurrency transaction is virtually impossible.

With such an innovative design, Minima is becoming the most decentralized, immutable, and scalable protocol on the market where individuals are being empowered to collectively build a more resilient foundation and everyone cooperates as equals. And also, by doing so, the Minima network enables developers to build truly decentralized applications for a growing number of users across a vast variety of potential use cases.

Hugo Feiler, Minima Founder, and CEO commented: “Only when everyone can run the same version of the blockchain, with no hierarchy, can people truly enjoy the benefits of complete decentralization-empowered freedom and prosperity.”

The latest development by Minima blockchain is important for the cryptocurrency industry. Complete nodes make up the core foundation of any decentralized blockchain network. Without them, then problems arise. For example, as the value of tokens increases, running a node becomes more complex and costly, resulting in the creation of a specialized class of miners or stakers with significant power over a network.

Since the Minima network is entirely community-owned and operated, the energy consumption used to secure its network is decentralized across substantially more network participants than any other blockchain. This means that users can choose to source their energy in more sustainable ways, as the cost of doing so is small when compared to centralized mining operations.

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