Thailand Immigration Services to Implement the Idea of Virtual Visas

Drishti Bhagat   Dec 23, 2019 07:30

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Distributed ledger technology will now integrate its way into features of the Thai Immigration Services such as the ‘Visa on Arrival.’ The system is expected to launch very soon and will help approximately 5 million visitors to visit Thailand without extensive procedures. The utilization of blockchain technology will allow the system to speed up the application process and protect the confidential information of the tourists. The collaboration of the project is between Gateway services and Australian company, ShareRing.


The expectation from the Thai officials is that the ‘eVOA’ system will benefit tourists from India and China during the early stages of their visa application process. Moreover, it is an ever-increasing trend to transfer from paper-based systems to online methods. Travelers coming into Thailand will no longer need to bring physical documentation to ports of entry, for example, flight tickets, hotel bookings, and identity proof.


At present, the initial testing period is unclear; however, the success of the ‘eVOA’ may encourage accommodating more foreign entries into Thailand and adopting the system in other countries.



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