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  • Updated:3/3/2024
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Introduction to AskYourPDF

AskYourPDF is an AI-powered PDF chat app that allows users to upload PDF documents and engage in natural conversations to extract key insights and information. Developed by BlockTechnology, AskYourPDF aims to revolutionize how people interact with documents by turning them into intelligent chatbots powered by AI.

Key Features of AskYourPDF

  • Upload PDFs and chat with documents using natural language
  • Powered by AI models like GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude, and Claude 2
  • Get summarized insights from documents
  • Access full chat history and conversations
  • Available as a website, mobile apps, browser extension, and API
  • Integrates with tools like Zotero and ChatGPT
  • Includes OCR support to extract text from scanned PDFs

How AskYourPDF Works

The core technology behind AskYourPDF is natural language processing AI models like GPT-3.5 and GPT-4. Users can upload a PDF document to AskYourPDF in supported formats like PDF, TXT, PPT, etc. The service then processes and extracts the text from the document using OCR if required.

This extracted text is then fed into the AI models which analyze the content and generate appropriate responses to user queries in conversational language. Users can simply ask questions about the document by typing or speaking and get intelligent answers summarized from the text, just like chatting with a person.

AskYourPDF also utilizes other proprietary AI technologies like summarization algorithms to produce concise summaries from documents. The service aims to understand user intent and provide the most relevant and helpful information from the uploaded content.

Interacting with Documents on AskYourPDF

AskYourPDF facilitates natural and engaging document interactions. Some key features include:

  • Ask questions in everyday language and get conversational answers
  • Highlight specific paragraphs or sentences for clarification
  • Summarize long documents into concise key points
  • Compare information between different documents
  • Navigate documents easily by asking for specific sections
  • Create smart notes and export key insights
  • Follow-up on previous conversations and track interactions

The AI continuously learns from user interactions to provide more relevant information over time. Users can go beyond just reading documents to having an interactive dialogue with the content through AskYourPDF.

AskYourPDF Platforms and Integrations

AskYourPDF offers flexibility through its availability across platforms:

  • Web app - Primary platform to upload, chat, and manage documents.
  • Mobile apps - Native iOS and Android apps to access documents on-the-go.
  • Browser extension - Add AskYourPDF to Chrome to chat with any web page or PDF.
  • Zotero integration - Access research documents from the Zotero library.
  • ChatGPT plugin - Directly call AskYourPDF from within ChatGPT conversations.
  • API - Build custom AskYourPDF integrations using the API.

This wide availability helps users incorporate AskYourPDF into their existing workflows for enhanced document productivity.

Key Use Cases

Here are some of the key ways AskYourPDF can be used:

  • Students - Understand study material better via document chats.
  • Researchers - Extract key insights from papers and accelerate research.
  • Lawyers - Quickly analyze legal documents and contracts.
  • Sales professionals - Interact with prospect collateral to customize pitches.
  • Marketers - Chat with reports to spin performance insights.
  • Engineers - Rapidly search technical documentation.

The conversational nature of AskYourPDF makes it valuable across many document-driven roles to unlock productivity and efficiency gains.

Summarization and Notes

AskYourPDF offers smart summarization features to distill key information from documents, while retaining context and tone. Users can request a summary of the full document or a specific section on-demand during a chat.

Summaries reflect the most salient points and can be exported for note-taking. Users can also bookmark key paragraphs in the document, export custom excerpts, and save chat conversations outside the app.

Pricing Plans

AskYourPDF offers several subscription plans:

  • Free - Limited usage with 100 chats per month.
  • Premium - Unlimited chats starting at $14.99 per month.
  • Pro - Priority access to features starting at $19.99 per month.
  • Enterprise - Customized plans with dedicated support.

Free credits are included with paid plans and can be used for extra features. Student discounts are also available on request.

Security and Privacy

AskYourPDF implements robust security protections for documents and user data:

  • Documents are encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • User accounts are secured through authentication.
  • Uploaded documents are automatically deleted after use.
  • Minimal personal data is collected from users.
  • Regular security reviews and penetration testing.

Users retain control over their documents. AskYourPDF's privacy policy outlines responsible data practices aligned with global regulations like GDPR.

Getting Started with AskYourPDF

It's easy to start using AskYourPDF's intelligent document chat features:

  1. Sign up for a free account on askyourpdf.com
  2. Upload a PDF document you want to chat with
  3. Type or speak your question into the chat interface
  4. Receive conversational answers summarized from the document
  5. Clarify with follow-up questions and browse relevant sections
  6. Star key insights, export notes, and revisit conversations

The chat experience is optimized for natural question-and-answer dialogue - no complex queries required. Users can be up and running in minutes with a seamless onboarding process.


AskYourPDF ushers in a new era of document interaction powered by AI. The ability to have conversational chats with PDF content unlocks game-changing productivity for students, researchers, professionals, and more. With its innovative technology, ubiquitous availability, and easy onboarding, AskYourPDF aims to be the go-to platform for engaging with documents in a whole new way.

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