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  • Updated:2/15/2024
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Bottr (Bottr.me) represents a comprehensive platform focusing on the development and integration of AI-driven chatbots using Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. It aims to provide users with the best resources and knowledge around AI, chatbots, and related technologies. With a user base of over 250,000 and a wide array of bots created, Bottr stands as a significant player in the AI assistant space, offering versatility in its applications for personal and professional use.

Key Features of Bottr

  • Creation of personalized AI assistants
  • Capability to handle a wide range of tasks with state-of-the-art LLMs
  • Customization with individual instructions and data
  • Adaptability for integration across various platforms

Why Bottr

Bottr is designed to revolutionize how individuals and businesses interact with AI. By providing a versatile and efficient AI assistant, Bottr simplifies life with tasks ranging from scheduling to content creation, making it more than just an assistant; it's an advisor and companion rolled into one.

Tools, Products or Services of Bottr

  • AI-driven chatbot development tools
  • Customizable digital avatars for varied interactions
  • Integration services for websites, apps, and social media

How to Use Bottr?

Bottr offers a user-friendly process for creating AI assistants. Users can sign up, personalize their bot with a name and avatar, instruct it in plain language, and train it on data sources. Once created, these AI assistants can be shared, embedded, or integrated anywhere for interactive purposes.


The functionality of Bottr revolves around creating AI assistants capable of learning and evolving with the user. Based on advanced LLMs, these bots can process vast amounts of information and perform a variety of tasks, becoming more personalized and efficient over time.

Use Cases of Bottr

  • Personal task management and scheduling
  • Professional content generation and research assistance
  • Customer service and FAQ automation for businesses

Support and Integrations

Bottr provides robust support for its users, with detailed blogs and guides on various topics related to AI and chatbots. Integration capabilities allow for the seamless embedding of chatbots into business websites, ecommerce platforms like Shopify, and social media pages.

How Does Bottr Work?

Bottr operates on advanced LLMs that process user input and generate appropriate responses. These responses are tailored to the specific instructions and data provided by the user, allowing for a wide range of functionalities from simple queries to complex task execution.

Who is Bottr for?

Bottr serves a broad audience, including individuals seeking personal digital assistance, professionals requiring a productivity tool, and businesses looking to enhance customer engagement and automate services.

Plan and Pricing

Bottr offers various pricing tiers to accommodate different levels of usage and feature access. While specific pricing details are not provided, the platform mentions a free tier and suggests premium features are available through subscription-based plans.

Privacy and Security

Bottr emphasizes the privacy and security of its users by outlining a comprehensive privacy policy. It commits to protecting personal information and explains the collection, use, and disclosure practices in detail.

Ethical Considerations

Bottr addresses ethical considerations by providing guidelines on content creation and usage, ensuring that AI interactions remain respectful and compliant with standards that promote a safe and inclusive environment.

Resources and Useful Links

  • Comprehensive blogs on AI and chatbot technologies
  • Privacy policy detailing information handling practices
  • Terms of use outlining the legal framework for service usage

User Experience

Bottr has been designed with a focus on user experience, ensuring ease of use in creating and managing AI assistants. The platform's adaptability and comprehensive support system further enhance the user's journey.

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