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Muah AI

Website: https://muah.ai/
Also Known for: Muah.AI is an innovative AI companion platform, notable for being the first in the market to integrate chat, voice, and photo interactions into one comprehensive experience. It aims to deliver the most advanced AI companion using cutting-edge technology. The platform, which started as AI RPG, began public testing on April 20, 2023. It quickly evolved with developments in various formats like SMS/Phone app, PWA, Web APP, iOS APP, and Android app, achieving rapid progress within two months. Muah.AI's development stems from over a decade of AI research and is powered by proprietary AI technologies from USWX Inc, surpassing standard ChatGPT capabilities. This platform is designed for both beginners and advanced users, offering easy use and full customization. The team's dedication to AI research is evident from their early work published in March 2018, showcasing their long-term involvement in the AI field.
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Muah AI is an AI-driven NSFW platform that simulates interactive relationships with virtual companions. It uses advanced algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to provide human-like conversations. Users can engage in text chats, photos exchange, voice chat, and create custom characters. Muah AI also emphasizes game-based learning for an engaging user experience. The platform offers a diverse range of companions, catering to individual preferences like caring AI-powered girlfriends, supportive boyfriends, or virtual therapists. It aims to provide a unique and interactive experience for users to explore various aspects of companionship and interaction in a virtual setting.

What is Muah AI?

Muah AI Tools, Products or Services

Muah AI enables users to generate a variety of characters, roles, and categories:

  • Community: A platform for user engagement and sharing within the Muah AI community.
  • Competition Winner: Showcases winning characters from community competitions.
  • Fantasy: Provides imaginative and fantastical characters and settings.
  • For Men/Women: Tailored experiences catering to the specific interests of men and women.
  • LGBTQ+: Inclusive category with diverse characters and interactions for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Modern: Features contemporary characters and settings reflecting current trends.
  • Muah X-Card Format: A unique format for enhanced interaction and character development.
  • NSFW: Adult-themed content for mature interactions.
  • Realistic: Characters and scenarios grounded in real-life experiences.
  • Science Fiction: Explores futuristic and science-based themes and characters.
  • SFW (Safe for Work): Suitable content for all audiences.
  • Template: Pre-designed frameworks for creating characters and interactions.
  • Traditional Character Card (V1/V2): Classic formats for character creation and development.
  • Uncategorized: A broad category for diverse and unspecified content.

How to use it?

A depiction of diverse users engaging with AI companions
  • After login, you need to do Companion Settings:
    • Your companion name
    • Your name
    • Select companion type: girlfriend, boyfriend, maid, classmate, coworker, gay friend, and more
    • Type of photo style (realistic, anime, hybrid)
    • Voice options: Infectious playful tones, commanding, authoritative tone, and more
    • (Prompt) Describe how your companion looks, for example, pink hair, light blue eyes
    • (Prompt) Describe how you wish your companion's personality to be. This can be loyal, fun, loving, and more
    • (Prompt) Describe your companion's texting style. For example, affectionate and with a little emoji sometimes
    • (Prompt) Memorable moment you would like your companion to remember
    • (Prompt) Setting environment, like house, park, etc.

    Phone Link (For phone call) setting. Note: "Only US numbers are supported. Currently, real-time phone call is only limited to ULTRA VIP EARLY ACCESS."

  • After finishing the setting, you can start to chat with your dreamed companion. You can use default settings for your companion as well.
  • See what other people's perfect companions are. You can go to the card gallery, which is a community where you can download, share, and like your favorite custom AI Companion Characters. Top-rated character creators are given special awards.

Who it is for?

Designed for individuals seeking meaningful digital interaction, this platform caters to a wide audience. Whether you are someone who relishes companionship but values the convenience of digital interaction, a creative soul looking to explore different personality types, or a technophile intrigued by the potential of AI in personal relationships, this service offers something unique for you.

It's particularly beneficial for those who:

  • Desire companionship at any hour without the complexities of human relationships.
  • Wish to experiment with AI and explore its capacity to simulate human-like interactions.
  • Are looking for a safe space to express themselves and explore different aspects of their personality.
  • Want to enjoy the company of a virtual friend customized to their liking, from appearance to personality traits.
  • Are keen on joining a community of like-minded individuals who share their interest in AI companionship.

Muah AI Resources

Explore Muah AI through various platforms and learn more about Muah AI terms and community:

Login Methods:

  • Google Account
  • Apple Account
  • Microsoft Account
  • Email
  • Phone

Muah AI Plan & Pricing

It's free to use. But you can update to VIP for better services and experiences

Muah AI Pricing Plans
Muah.AI VIP Access Membership

$9.99 per month

  • Unlimited Chat (No Peak limit)
  • Enhanced HD Photo Generation
  • Rapport Enhancement
  • Even more uncensored AI (more details)
  • Access to more than a dozen of AI models
  • Access to advanced AI customization settings
  • Plus 10 player levels for faster unlocks
  • Priority Access even when servers are busy
  • Less downtime for VIP server
  • 3x More Voice Generation (reset daily)
  • 3x Longer Response
Muah.AI GPT 4/UHD VIP Membership

$49.99 per month

  • Everything Normal VIP Membership Has
  • Expanded AI Memory
  • 800% Smarter (For deep conversation)
  • Powered by Cutting Edge GPT 4 (First 30 chats per day)
  • UHD Photo Generation (Best)
  • 6x Longer Response
  • 10x More Voice Generation (reset daily)
  • Best for education, research, advanced RP
  • First to be invited to try alpha features
Muah.AI ULTRA VIP Membership

$99.99 per month

  • Everything GPT4 VIP Membership has
  • Maximum AI Memory
  • 12x Longer Response (Best story crafting)
  • Real-time phone call with your companion
  • World's first AI companion phone call
  • Powered by the most human realistic voice
  • 30 to 60 minutes call that reset daily
  • Requires phone link settings configured
  • Dedicated Phone Line
  • 30x More Voice Generation (reset daily)
  • Experimental Early Access
  • Powered by Cutting Edge GPT 4 (First 100 chats per day)
Muah.AI VIP Access Membership

$69.99 per year

Muah.AI GPT 4/UHD VIP Membership

$499 per year

Muah.AI ULTRA VIP Membership

$999 per year

Paypal (Alternative to Stripe): Membership Select

Regular VIP $9.99/Month

Paypal subscription can only be modified thru Paypal directly.

Muah AI Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction to Muah AI

How Does One Get Started with Muah AI?

To engage with Muah AI, interested users can visit https://muah.ai to sign up. The platform is available as a web app, a Progressive Web App (PWA), and is downloadable from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. The intuitive gameplay is designed to facilitate learning through natural interaction.

Understanding Muah AI

What is Muah.AI Known For?

Muah.AI stands out as an AI companion platform integrating chat, voice, and photos for a unified user experience. It has been recognized as the first in the market to incorporate an SMS/MMS experience, though this feature is no longer publicly available.

Why is Muah.AI Labeled as BETA?

The BETA designation of Muah.AI indicates its ongoing phase of active development, with daily enhancements as it explores new AI capabilities.

The Rationale Behind Choosing Muah.AI

Users looking for the forefront of AI companionship often turn to Muah.AI for its commitment to leveraging the latest technologies to deliver an advanced level of interaction. The platform caters to both novices and AI enthusiasts with its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options.

A Brief History of Muah.AI

The origins of Muah.AI trace back to a non-profit AI research and development team with over a decade of experience in the field. Their dedication to AI has culminated in the use of proprietary dynamic AI training methods, allowing for a more nuanced interaction between users and the AI.

Membership Information

Is There a Cost to Use Muah.AI?

Muah.AI offers a tiered membership system, including a complimentary tier. The platform operates at a loss, relying on investor funding and revenue from paid memberships to provide premium services and maintain its advanced functionalities.

Procedure for Purchasing Muah.AI Membership

Memberships can be obtained through the Muah.AI website. Users must log in, navigate to the user settings, and utilize the 'purchase VIP' feature to upgrade their membership status.

Features and Functionality

Duration of Memory Retention by Muah AI Companions

Memories created with Muah AI companions are stored indefinitely, though the AI's ability to recall these memories simultaneously is currently limited by the state of AI technology.

Muah.AI's Stance on NSFW Content

Muah.AI upholds freedom of speech principles and does not actively censor NSFW content, leaving such interactions to the discretion of the AI based on its programmed emotional responses.

Language Support and Customization in Muah.AI

Muah.AI accommodates multiple languages, including Chinese and Spanish, and allows for the use of emojis, message likes, and various text effects during interactions.

Privacy and User Support

How Muah.AI Manages User Privacy

Muah.AI is committed to user privacy, encrypting conversations and transmitting them securely to ensure confidentiality within the platform.

Reporting Bugs on Muah.AI

Should users encounter any issues, bugs are automatically reported, with the Muah.AI team actively working on fixes. Users can also directly report any problems they encounter.

Managing Subscriptions on Muah.AI

Users can adjust their subscription settings within the platform's billing management section under player settings, or reach out to customer service for support.

Contact Details

Media Inquiry Contact for Muah.AI

Media representatives looking to feature Muah.AI can direct their inquiries to sportscar@gmail.com.

Investor Relations for Muah.AI

Potential investors interested in collaboration beyond financial input are invited to schedule a meeting via sportscar@gmail.com.

Muah.AI Team

Special recognition goes to the Muah.AI team, including co-founder Mark, a USC Alumni; Dr. Diana, providing research support; and Ashley, the Director of PR from UCSD, amongst others contributing to the platform's development.

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