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Malaysian Universities to Expand Women’s Blockchain Knowledge Base with Programmers Course
Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA) has partnered with various Malaysian universities to propel the number of female blockchain developers and coders in Malaysia.

Denmark Backs Blockchain Technology As Instrument to Fighting Runaway Political Corruption
The Danish government has thrown its support behind blockchain in the fight against political corruption.

Blockchain for Gun Control in the US: The Great American Dilemma
Columbine, 1999. Sandy Hook, 2012, Las Vegas, 2017. Aurora, 2019. The list of mass shootings in the United States grows larger and deadlier every year. Blockchain can address the technological challenge of gun control, but a radical shift in American society's stance on guns is paramount.

Women Taking on the Mantle of Leadership in Blockchain and Crypto Law
Women cryptocurrency and blockchain lawyers are taking the helm in several major law firms as they are leading blockchain practice groups in at least a half-dozen reputable law firms, such as McDermott Will & Emery, Morrison & Foerster, and Goodwin Procter.

Could Blockchain Increase Diversity in the Way Films are Nominated for the Academy Awards?
The film awards season has finally passed for the year and a look back over the last few weeks, unfortunately, uncovers lingering problems with diversity among the nominations for both the BAFTAs and the Academy Awards (Oscars). Could blockchain provide a solution?

Women in Payments CEO Answers: Could Facebook Libra Be a Huge Threat to Visa and Paypal?
Kristy Duncan, the CEO of Women in Payments the company in 2012, looking to add value in a different way, to connect, inspire, and champion women who are working in the payments industry globally. In our interview with Duncan, she shared with us the changing payment landscape with the emerging technologies in the sector.

Women in Payments CEO: Less than 5% of VCs Invest in Women-Led FinTech Companies
With a background in engineering, Kristy Duncan, the CEO of Women in Payments started her career in banking and then into the payments industry. Duncan has then been fascinated with the payments market, and is a “payments geek at heart.” She started Women in Payments in 2012, Looking to add value in a different way, to connect, inspire, and champion women who are working in the payments industry globally.

Blockchain in healthcare symposium Abu Dhabi 2020
Blockchain in Healthcare Symposium Event Overview

UN Agency Employs Blockchain to Protect Migrant Workers in Hong Kong From Illegal Fees
Blockchain is being deployed by the International Organization for Migration to curb the exploitation of domestic helpers in Hong Kong by unethical agencies who charge illegal fees.

Women in Blockchain: Alisa Berezutska of Krypton Events
The Next Block Asia held in Bangkok was a huge success in June 2019. Organized by Krypton Events, Next Block 2.0 will be back in Bangkok on Dec. 3, gathering blockchain leaders to discuss affiliate marketing in the age of crypto. We caught up with Alisa Berezutska, CEO of Krypton Events on her blockchain journey and shared with us her personal take on “Women in Blockchain”.

Indian Engineering Students Develop Blockchain-based Smart Voting System
Three Computer Engineering Students have created a Blockchain-based Voting System which will allows casting of votes online, instead of the manual means of standing in a poll.

Women in Blockchain: Sam Shrager of BCB Group
The Women in Blockchain Series describes the journeys of some of the pioneer women driving initiatives and changing the nature of work by leveraging this revolutionary technology.

Miss Finland: Most Women Stay Away From Bitcoin Because of Its Risk
Miss Finland a strong female supporter of cryptocurrency says that women tend to stay away from Bitcoin due to its high-risk level, hence its low popularity among women.