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Twitter Bitcoin Hack Demonstrates That Crypto Fraud is Easier to Track Than Fiat
Cryptocurrency regulation was the hot topic during an ongoing panel hosted by the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists.

Senator Lummis: Voting on Infrastructure Bill Amendments Will Be a Win for the Digital Asset Community
With all forms of Amendment on the Infrastructure Bill under threat, Sen Lummis has explained why the crypto industry will win should an amendment be voted on.

US Senate Proposes Amendment to the Controversial Infrastructure Bill to Redefine Crypto Broker Clause
Three pro-crypto US Senators are proposing an amendment to the controversial infrastructure bill with clauses on crypto brokers redefined

Response to Facebook Libra? EU Banks Can Deploy Payment System By 2020
All banks in the eurozone could share the instant payment system at the end of 2020, as reported by Reuters on 26 June.

Global Energy Sector: Blockchain Application to hit $6.29 Billion by 2024
BIS Research has presented a new market intelligence report dubbed ‘Global Blockchain in Energy Market - Analysis and Forecast, 2018-2024.’ It reveals that blockchain application in the energy market was worth $518.6 million in 2018 and its value will reach $6.29 billion in 2024.

IBM and Verizon Business Collaborate on 5G and AI Edge Computing Innovation
Tech giant IBM is collaborating with Verizon Business to help usher in the future of Industry 4.0 through their respective expertise on edge computing innovation and 5G technology.

Global Blockchain IoT Market Expected to Generate Returns Worth $5.8 Billion by 2026
The global blockchain IoT market is expected to offer a revenue of $5.802 billion by 2026, driven by factors like IoT being increasingly implemented by mand end-use industries worldwide.

Amazon Launches Virtual Clinic Called Amazon Care
Amazon, the world’s largest internet company by revenue, quietly launched a virtual health clinic for Seattle-area employees, CNBC reports.

Over 100 Car Dealers to Accept Crypto Payments in the UK Boosting Crypto Adoption
At least 100 car dealers in the UK have inked a partnership with London-based AutoCoinCars, the nation’s market leader in trading cars with cryptocurrencies. Through the strategic collaboration, clients will be able to purchase cars using cryptos in some of the biggest car dealers in the UK, such as Benz Bavarian, Saxton4x4, and Redline Specialist Cars.

New Ride-Hailing App to Transform Payments by Offering Blockchain Direct Transactions
Bayride has revealed RideNode, a new transportation virtual and blockchain currency that seeks to transform the payment structures in this sector. America’s ride-hailing industry is touted to be revolutionized because RideNode will offer direct transactions between the service provider and consumers.

Banks Are Increasingly Starting to Offer Cryptocurrency Services in 2020
Banks have increased their interest in cryptocurrencies. Many of them have decided to join the cryptocurrency market, either by offering investments in cryptocurrency or by exploiting the capabilities of blockchain technology, which is already used in various areas with financial services.

Blockchain Investment Dropped 60% in 2019 despite Bitcoin's Bullish Run
Blockchain investment dropped 60% from a record 4.1 billion in 2018 to 1.6 billion this year, according to the findings of CB Insights reported on Bloomberg 18 July.

Decrypt: Most Whitepapers are Full of Scams
According to Decrypt’s Investigation published on 22 April, many startups had been accused by White paper writers to “constantly required to fabricate and exaggerate facts”.

Alibaba Unveils Its First Home-Grown AI Chip
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba unveiled its first artificial intelligence inference chip on Wednesday, a move which could further invigorate its already rip-roaring cloud computing business.

Credit Giant MasterCard Grants Wirex First Principal Membership License
Wirex has become the first native cryptocurrency platform to be granted a principal membership license from credit giant Mastercard as part of their accelerated expansion into digital assets.

Austrian Telecom Provider Adds Cryptocurrencies to its Payments Network
With A1 Telekom’s move to accept Bitcoin and other digital currencies as a means of payment, Austrians now have more options in digital transaction payments

Steemit & Dtube: Social Networking, Blogging, and Video Sharing in the Blockchain Era
Steemit and Dtube allow users to be rewarded for sharing content. These social media networks are decentralized and censorship-resistant.

Ripple CEO Warns SEC's "Enforcement" Approach May Hurt US Crypto Industry
Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has suggested that the US Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) approach to regulation is putting the US at risk of missing out on being an attractive hub for the next evolution of blockchain and crypto innovation. Garlinghouse noted that the SEC's case against Ripple is the SEC simply playing "offense" and "attacking" the industry as a whole. He added that the crypto industry has "already started moving outside" of the US given its crypto regulation process is "behind" other countries such as Australia, UK, Japan, Singapore, and Switzerland.

Silvergate Bank Voluntary Liquidation Sparks Controversy in Crypto Industry
The recent announcement of Silvergate Bank’s voluntary liquidation has led to a heated debate in the crypto industry, with some lawmakers labeling the sector as “risky” and “volatile.” Crypto executives and commentators have criticized these remarks and suggested that government investigations and legal attacks hastened the bank’s collapse. As Silvergate winds down, some crypto firms are seeking alternative banking partners amid concerns of regulatory crackdowns and proposed tax law changes.

Why Switzerland is Fast Becoming a Global Hub for Blockchain Industry
Switzerland is fast adopting innovation and blockchain and is positioned to create a huge impact on other economies.

IOSCO Proposes Measures To Probe Digital Marketing Risks
Concerning the rapid increase of risks in digital marketing, The International Organization of Securities Commissions, or IOSCO, has proposed some measures for its member countries to consider when deciding their policy and imposition approaches to retail online offerings and marketing.

El Salvador Lags Behind as Spain Overtakes to Become Third Largest Crypto ATM Hub
With a total of 215 crypto ATMs hosted in Spain, the country has now outpaced El Salvador, which is home to 212 crypto ATMs, down to the fourth position, following Spain’s third position.

SpankChain Shuts Down SpankPay Crypto Payment Processor
Ethereum-based adult entertainment platform SpankChain has closed down its crypto payment processor, SpankPay, after losing its payment service provider Wyre in February and failing to find a new one.

Thailand Waives Taxes on Investment Tokens
Thailand's cabinet has agreed to waive corporate income tax and VAT for companies issuing investment tokens, encouraging alternative capital raising in addition to conventional methods. The government hopes to generate 128 billion Thai baht from investment token offerings over the next two years.

RBL Bank Partners with Accenture to Build A Digital Bank Infrastructure
RBL Bank announced that it will partner with Accenture, who envisions that it will enhance the bank’s information technology (IT) network and services.

Square Inc. Launches Alliance for Crypto and Blockchain Companies to Fight Patent Trolls
Square has announced that it has successfully launched COPA to empower blockchain and crypto companies and to protect them from patent hoarding trolls.

World Economic Forum Views Blockchain as the Vaccine for Future Interferences in the Seafood Sector
The World Economic Forum (WEF) touts blockchain technology as the vaccine and game-changer needed to ensure things run smoothly in the global seafood supply chain irrespective of future disruptions. This is based on the fact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has laid the bare knuckles of the inefficiencies and challenges faced by the seafood industry.

Five Things Everyone Should Know About Blockchain Benefits in Aviation Security
Recent news has brought blockchain’s role on spotlight in aviation security. Of course, blockchain provides bold promises, highly useful in aviation security, and therefore are worth to be investigated.

European Crypto Miners Share Insights About Their Local Mining Industry
dGen, a non-profit research organization, in its report, has revealed that the cryptocurrency miners in the European region believe that Europe's higher electricity prices as compared to that of Russia and China is due to the strict regulation, strong protections, and political stability.

Different Stances on Cryptocurrency Risk Revealed, Many Still Link Crypto to Cyber Fraud
Findings revealed that banks, governments, and cryptocurrency professionals were divided in their stance on digital currencies.

Blockchain Industry Will Be Valued at $21 Billion Globally by 2025, Research Suggests
A research study by Fortune Business Insight, a market reporting and consulting firm, suggests the global blockchain industry will be valued at a mammoth $21 billion in the next five years. The report explored the rise of financial technology and blockchain companies working towards financial inclusion and targeting developing countries and regions to leverage growth. Such regions, incidentally, have witnessed a growth in educated talent in the past decade, and are well-suited to interact with and understanding distributed ledger mechanisms.

Global Blockchain Technology Market Expected to Hit $19.9 Billion
The global blockchain technology market is anticipated to reach $19.9 billion by 2026 from the current $3.4 billion value, according to market research publisher Global Industry Analysts Inc.

G7 Bank Sector Higher Money Laundering Risk than Crypto Industry, Reports Mexico Financial Intelligence
According to a report released by the Financial Intelligence Unit of Mexico, the G7 banking sector was most at risk of money laundering operations.

Why the World Needs a Blockchain Consensus Operating System
The true potential of blockchain to transform the lives of people around the world has clearly not been realised.

Can Blockchain Strengthen the Internet of Things (IoT)?
IoT and Blockchain are two disruptive technologies leveraged for numerous technological innovations across multiple industries, but how do they complement each other?

China’s Digital Yuan Launch Could Threaten Macau’s Gambling Industry
Gambling businesses in Macau fear that the launch of digital yuan would render them obsolete.

Winklevoss Sees US Stimulus Negotiation Fail as a “Wakeup Call And an Endorsement of Bitcoin”
Bitcoin billionaire Cameron Winklevoss thinks that this is the perfect opportunity to invest in Bitcoin, as the dollar keep depreciating and US politicians are unable to reach a consensus on a stimulus package budget.

Bitcoin Most Popular Crypto in North America, Market Experts Report
Bitcoin has always been the most popular cryptocurrency on the global market, but the region that is most invested in BTC assets appears to be North America.

Ethereum Uncovers Blockchain Bugs to Stabilize Medalla Testnet
Ethereum developers discussed the technical issues that went wrong during the launch of Medalla testnet and that could have been improved to make the release smoother.

10,000 New Blockchain Companies Founded in China Despite COVID-19
COVID-19 has not prevented blockchain companies in China from emerging at a dramatic speed.

Blockchain-Based Driving Licenses in South Korea Hit One Million Drivers
Blockchain-powered driving licenses were made available as an option in South Korea in May.

Hong Kong Fintechs Embrace Blockchain and DLT
Blockchain firms make up nearly 40% of all new Hong Kong FinTech companies launched in 2019.

China’s Petrochemical Sector Conducts First Blockchain-Powered Warehouse Receipt Finance
China’s petrochemical industry has accomplished the first-ever blockchain-enabled digital warehouse receipt pledge financing transaction to minimize costs.

Band Protocol (BAND) and Chainlink (LINK) DeFi Tokens Outperform Bitcoin by Gaining 100%
With the recent boom of the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry, DeFi tokens have undergone more than a 100% gain on the crypto market over the past few weeks, outperforming Bitcoin.

IBM and KAYA&KATO Leverage Blockchain to Trace Fabric Origins
Tech giant IBM has teamed up with KAYA&KATO, a textile manufacturer of workwear and uniforms, in developing a blockchain network aimed at revamping the fashion industry.

Nairobi-based FinTech Mara Launches African Crypto Wallet Service
A new crypto project called Mara has now been introduced to the African crypto ecosystem. This project is backed by Coinbase Ventures, FTX-affiliated Alameda Research, Huobi Ventures, and other prominent venture capital firms and angel investors in the industry.

Raoul Paul Hails Crypto Industry, Calls it "Anti-Fragile Financial System."
The crypto market collapsed significantly but bounced back on its own, gaining praises from Raoul Paul.

Welcoming the Future of Finance with Blockchain
Blockchain is not limited to creating cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In fact, it has the potential to entirely remodel every industry out there, including the financial institutions.

Solana NFT Platform Magic Eden Moves To An Optional Royalties Method
Solana-based NFT platform Magic Eden announced on Saturday it's opting for an optional royalties method for its users.

Is Blockchain Tech the Holy Grail for the Aerospace Industry?
The aerospace industry moves millions of people and billions worth of assets every single day. Yet, the industry's sheer complexity is its own worst enemy. Can blockchain technology become the savior?

The Singapore Fintech Association: Boosting the Industry with Blockchain Education
Following part one of our interview with the founding president of the Singapore FinTech Association, Chia Hock Lai, we further explored the education initiatives in the blockchain industry in Singapore.

Exclusive: How is Blockchain Disrupting the Music Industry Globally?
With the widespread of blockchain technology used in different industries in the past decade, Sean Jong from K-Tune in Korea explains how blockchain can address the current pain points in the traditional music industry. He also explains the role of blockchain in royalty distribution and copyright infringement!

China Tightens Regulation on Tech Industry, Sinking Alibaba and Tencent Stocks on Single’s Day
China's regulatory clampdown on the technology industry has resulted in Chinese tech shares' underperforming on the stock market.

Bitcoin, Crypto and Porn: Will the Adult Industry Boost the Market?
The adult porn industry is a massive sector. Will it give crypto adoption a boost in the right direction? With many coins already in use, what has happened?

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Cryptocurrency is Highly Influencing the Gaming Industry
Cryptocurrency is said to be the payment of the future. Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, many industries have incorporated and accepted cryptocurrency as a reliable option for payment. With rising competition and seeing the concrete future in the business of digital currency, many cryptocurrency service providers are available to choose from.

Blockchain-based Agricultural Startup Plans to Unite the Coffee Industry of Honduras
GrainChain being an agricultural start up backed up by Medici Ventures and has shown some prospects so far, plans to bring together the coffee industry of Honduras.

Crypto for Sex: Blockchain Takes Off in the Adult Entertainment Industry
Cryptocurrencies have become increasingly popular in the adult entertainment industry, as it can guarantee a high level of anonymity to its users, especially for pornography-related businesses.

Banking on Blockchain: FinTech and Digitalization Will Play a Significant Role for the Chinese Banking Industry
China’s banking industry for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will rely on digitization and financial technology to build a “new infrastructure” for the entire industry. Highly endorsed by the country’s president, Xi Jinping, blockchain technology has seen a surge in popularity in the past year.

Alibaba Sees Blockchain as the Icing on the Cake in the Film Industry
During the ongoing 28th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival happening in Xiamen, China, Li Jie, senior vice president of Alibaba Pictures, noted that blockchain was crucial in propelling the growth of the Chinese film industry.

Paraguay Begins to Audit Local Crypto Industry to Comply with FATF Guidelines
Paraguay is looking to take its cryptocurrency industry mainstream, in light of the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) guidance on virtual asset service providers (VASPs) released earlier this year.