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Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem
Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem

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Hong Kong Blockchain Ecosystem Feb 2020 - New Members
Hong Kong Blockchain Ecosystem Feb 2020 - New Members

SEC Chair Calls for Open Dialogue in Pursuit of a Regulated Crypto Market
Gary Gensler will call on crypto stakeholders to come and talk to the SEC at his hearing with the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday

Blockchain Could Potentially Level the Playing Field for Startups and Entrepreneurs
The world of business is growing daily, in an article published by Brad Haddin, a privacy consultant, he pointed out that "there are 150 million startups in the world today with 50 million new startups launching every year.” This means that every day, an average of 137,000 companies have been founded by someone in the world. This number has risen since 2005, which is due to massive globalization and industrialization engaged in by different countries around the world. to Provide over US$1.5 million in Grants to Promising Businesses Built on EOSIO
EOS VC is now accepting applications for its Grants Program. The venture capital arm of is aiming to empower developers to turn their visions for the EOSIO network into innovative realities.

NFTs And Crypto Will Benefit From Apple Allowing Third-Party App Stores
Apple will allow third-party app stores on its devices to comply with EU anti-monopolistic rules. EU legislation will compel Apple to allow alternative app stores and applications outside the App Store, benefiting crypto app creators. The EU's Digital Markets Act regulates "gatekeepers" and ensures platforms operate fairly, prompting Apple to expand its ecosystem.

Serum Hits New All-Time High amid 900% Year-to-Date Increase
Serum (SRM), a decentralized exchange that operates on the Solana blockchain, set a new all-time high of $11.24 today.

Benjamin Quinlan: New Chairman of FinTech Association of Hong Kong Shares Vision for FTAHK 2.0 and the Future of Asia's FinTech Ecosystem
The FinTech Association of Hong Kong has elected Benjamin Quinlan as Chairman to lead it through the next chapter of its mission to foster the FinTech ecosystem in Hong Kong and Asia.

Cosmos Hub Postpones Vote Date On New Security Model Proposal
After two respective postponements, the Cosmos' vote date to approve proposed changes to the network’s Hub has now been fixed to October 31.

EOS Foundation Signs MoU with Busan City to Boost Blockchain Investments
Following its recent partnership with crypto exchanges such as Binance, FTX, and Huobi to help develop the blockchain infrastructure in the city and the country, Busan, a city in South Korea, has now signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with not-for-profit organization, EOS Network Foundation.

Here’s A Look at The Top Outlets For Blockchain Developers To Source Grants
Monetary grants are extremely important in any field - be it the arts, media, technology - especially nascent ones where there is a lot of scope for growth and development. For example, blockchain is one such domain which over the course of the last decade or so has seen an incredible output of innovation (ala smart contracts, decentralized finance, etc) from relatively independent developers working with limited resources.

Binance Launches Feature to Implement Community Feedback in Roadmap Development
A new feature empowers users to provide in-depth feedback on product improvements and new features as Binance ramps up community participation in its ecosystem in 2023.

HDAO Launches New Burning Mechanism, 50% of Tokens in Total to be Burnt
The foundation of HDAO ( DAO) announced to rolling out of a new burning mechanism aiming to destroy 50% of the total amount of HDAO tokens.

Digital Currency Growth Brings "Opportunities and Challenges": IMF
A recent report by the IMF says the current evolution in the crypto ecosystem presents both opportunities and challenges for the broader financial ecosystem

Unizen Secures $200m 'Capital Commitment' to Scale Up Trading Ecosystem
Centralized decentralized exchange Unizen has secured $200 million and plans to use the latest funding to build an infrastructure that would enable it to interconnect with other exchanges efficiently.

Avalanche Foundation Unveils its $200M Ecosystem Fund
The Avalanche Foundation has unveiled its plans to fuel the growth of its ecosystem through Blizzard, a $200 million fund secured from its partners.

Cambridge University Partners with 16 Financial Institutions to Develop Crypto Asset Ecosystem
The University of Cambridge has rolled out a multi-year research initiative with 16 key financial institutions like WorldBank, IMF, and MasterCard to shed more light on the rapidly evolving crypto-asset ecosystem.

Union Bank of Philippines Cooperates with Hex Trust for Promoting Pilot Digital Assets Custody Service
Union Bank of Philippines (UnionBank) announced the bank has paired with Hong Kong-based Hex Trust to pilot digital assets custody service.

Payments Firm Wirex Integrates Avalanche Blockchain into Ecosystem for 4.5M Users
Regulated digital payments platform, Wirex, has integrated the Avalanche Blockchain into its network as it continues on its planned growth trajectory.

Tether's Blockchain Ecosystem Continues to Grow with USDT Launch on Bitcoin Cash Network
Tether’s USDT token, the world’s largest stablecoin by marketcap, has launched on the Bitcoin Cash network. USDT is also available on Algorand, EOS, Tron, Omni and the Liquid Network.

Why Did John McAfee Abandon His Ghost Privacy Coin Project?
Crypto advocate and technology pioneer John McAfee recently announced on Twitter that he has abandoned his Ghost privacy coin project.

Kraken Brings Crypto Asset Liquidity to Skrill and Neteller
Paysafe, a leading specialized payments platform has chosen US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken as their crypto asset liquidity provider.

It is High Time to Rethink Holding Strategies as FTX Crisis Roams, Says CEO
Speaking on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” Thursday, CEO Peter Smith deemed the collapse of crypto exchange FTX as “a tragedy and total failure of governance.”

DeFi Keeps Surging with Decentralized Finance’s Total Locked in Value at over $9 Billion
DeFi's value keeps surging with Decentralized Finance’s locked in value now at over $9 Billion

Aave Surpasses $1.7 Billion TVL Taking Number One Spot From Maker and Compound
Aave is taking the open finance sector by storm reaching number one on the Defi Pulse rankings, beating Maker and Compound.

Algorand Protocol Stateful Smart Contract Upgrade Targets Scalable DeFi Solutions and Dapps
Algorand is entering the decentralized finance (DeFI) ecosystem with its new highly scalable stateful smart contract capabilities.

Neopin Works with Cube Entertainment to Jointly Develop Metaverse Ecosystem
The blockchain platform Neopin has established a partnership with Cube Entertainment, the largest entertainment company in South Korea, to jointly develop the DeFi ecosystem of the Metaverse blockchain.

DeFi Liquidity Project Paradigm Labs Shuts Down, Unable to Find Niche in DEX Ecosystem
The ambitious DeFi liquidity project, Paradigm labs are shutting down its operations citing an inability to build a resilient business within the DEX ecosystem.

Crypto Valley Association: Establishing the World’s Best Ecosystem for Blockchain and DLT Businesses
On a mission to develop the world’s best ecosystem for blockchain and distributed ledger technology, the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) is an independent organization based in Zug Switzerland, supported by the government. With over 1500 members in over 56 countries, the association has been supporting the needs of startups and connecting players in the industry to build a cohesive ecosystem.

Covid-19 and DeFi — TokenInsights Releases Q2 2020 Report on Decentralized Ecosystem
TokenInsights has released their Q2 2020 DeFi industry report to shed some light on the fast-moving Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem and how it withstood the onslaught of the COVID-19 market.

Bitcoin Transaction Fees Altering its Ecosystem
Bitcoin (BTC) transaction fees entail the amount charged for your proceedings to be handled by a miner and approved by the Bitcoin network.

China Unveils Blockchain Services Network Aimed to Build Ecosystem Along with Hyperledger, Ethereum and EOS
Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, EOS, ChainSQL, WeBank’s FISCO BCOS, and Baidu’s Xuperchain are also planned to be added to the “ecosystem play,” and “internet environment,” as explained by Zhiguang Shan, the Chairman of the BSN’s Development Association. This network of blockchains will be available for those who are interested to take part in it, including small to medium-sized businesses.

Facebook’s Libra Creating Shadow Monetary Ecosystem Warns FAC
Facebook’s creation of cryptocurrency Libra will spawn a ‘shadow banking’ system outside of sanctioned financial markets according to US banks.

Singapore to Pump $8.9 Million Into National Blockchain Ecosystem
The Singaporean government has deployed a US$ 8.9 million national blockchain initiative dubbed the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Program (SBIP).

Beyond Startups—Championing for an Ecosystem to Drive Blockchain Forward
Tribe Accelerator is Singapore’s first government-backed blockchain accelerator, on a mission to bridge the gap between blockchain startups and the traditional world. Yi Ming Ng, the Managing Director at Tribe Accelerator, believes that blockchain is beneficial to a lot of businesses from different industries. However, there has been a lot of fear and speculation around cryptocurrencies in the traditional corporate world.