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Gold Prices Rally Higher While Bitcoin Fails to Reach $11,000, What’s Next for BTC?
While gold prices have recorded an all-time high this year, surpassing $2,000 per ounce, prices have dipped again lately.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Unaffected Despite $150M Hack Suffered by KuCoin
Bitcoin and Ethereum prices have been reported to be unaffected by the security breach that impacted coin exchange KuCoin and that resulted in a loss of $150M.

Atlético Madrid, AS Roma and OG Crypto Fan Token Prices Plunge Following Binance Listing
Champion Esports team OG (OG), Atlético Madrid (ATM) and AS Roma (ASR) crypto fan token prices have begun to plunge immediately after being listed on Binance.

15,000 Bitcoins Transferred to Exchange Wallets Caught in Action: What Does This Mean for the Market?
According to the tweet shared by Whale Alert, in the last 24 hours, there have been transactions of 15,000 Bitcoins worth $99,702,423 from unknown wallets to different exchange wallets like Binance, OKEx, Coinbase, and Phoenix.

Digital Currency Group Reports Over $1 Billion Loss Due to 3AC Collapse
Digital Currency Group (DCG) has reported losses of over $1 billion in 2022, largely due to the collapse of Three Arrows Capital (3AC) and falling cryptocurrency prices. DCG's lending arm, Genesis, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January, as it was 3AC's largest creditor. DCG's fourth-quarter losses came to $24 million, while revenues came in at $143 million. Full-year revenues for DCG came in at $719 million, with total assets of $5.3 billion.

Bloomberg Predicts Bitcoin Price to Surge Past $20,000 in 2020, Doubling Last Year’s High
Bloomberg predicted in its recent report that Bitcoin’s price in 2020 could reach double of last year’s high of $14,000. It further suggested that adoption is the primary Bitcoin metric, and Bloomberg takes a positive outlook on this end. Bitcoin’s price has seen a 60% decline in 2014, and at the end of 2016, Bitcoin matched the peak in 2013. If Bitcoin chooses to follow the same trend as 2016, with a 75% decline in 2018, Bitcoin is headed towards $20,000, according to Bloomberg.

Bitcoin Price Breaks $10,000 Flirting with High Resistance of Supply – Understanding the Stock to Flow Model
Bitcoin has taken off this week, moving to $10,000 and firing up the market in euphoria. With only one week from halving, The Bitcoin price has now deleted all its coronavirus crash losses, up practically 40% since January 1st—and putting it on target to be one of the year's best performing resources.

US Stocks, Oil, and Bitcoin Price Plunge, Hinting Second Wave of Coronavirus Cases
Stocks, oil, and Bitcoin price have been plunging, as the market has been concerned about a possible second wave of coronavirus cases as lockdowns have been easing in certain states in the US.

Bitcoin Hits a Five-month Low of $39,650, Leading to $323M Liquidation for Crypto Traders
Bitcoin prices hit a five-month low of $39,650 on Monday, before briefly dipping 40K before bouncing back to the $41.5K level with over 103,839 traders were liquidated in the past 24 hours, valued at$329.63 Million.

3 Reasons Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple’s XRP Price Will Surge Higher This Week
With Thanksgiving on its way and major central bank announcements incoming, there are three major reasons we expect the BTC, ETH, and XRP price to continue to rally higher.

DeFi Token Price Analysis: COMP, SNX, and UNI
This week in crypto, a DeFi Token Price analysis of COMP, SNX and UNI taking into account the prediction of technical indicators and the overall crypto market.

Bitcoin Should Benefit from the US Dollar Crash, says Top Economist Stephen Roach
Stephen Roach, former Chairman of Morgan Stanley’s Asia division and Yale University senior fellow said that cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin should benefit from the US dollar’s decline.

BTC Price Consolidates at $19,000, Will Bitcoin Reach $20,000 in 2020?
Bitcoin soared to over $19,400 last night, the BTC price coming within relative inches of creating a new all-time high before falling. Will we see Bitcoin reach $20,000 in 2020?

4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Rises While the Crypto and Stock Markets Drop
Why does the Bitcoin price continue to rise as the stock market, as well as the overall crypto market experience a drop? Here are four reason why Bitcoin is different.

Bitcoin Price Conquers $12,000 But at Risk of Pull Back in the Current Stock Market Bubble Territory
While the tech sector and the Fed injections have led the US markets to rally higher, markets around the world have seen a similar trend, while the global economic recovery picks up its pace.

Bitcoin Could Follow S&P 500’s Potential Fall After Slight Bullish Trend from US Employment Report
Bitcoin showed signs of a slight bullish uptick in its first session in July and maintained a short-term positive correlation with the S&5 500. Bitcoin and stocks investors are waiting for the next big decision that could drive a new rally—whether or not the Federal Reserve would expand its stimulus operation before it expires in July.

Bitcoin's Value to Increase Fivefold by 2023, Institutional Investors Swap Gold for BTC
Bitcoin’s price in 2020 has beaten stocks, gold, and many other assets in year-to-date return on investment (ROI). Even billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones has stated that he has just over 1 percent of his assets in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Set to Recover From the Coronavirus Pandemic-Triggered Global Financial Crisis?
The price of Bitcoin has seen a decline of 8 percent from the start of this year until early April, and 90% of Finder’s survey panel believe is caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Although COVID-19 made up for most of the explanation for the dip, many believe that the Plus Token scam also had an impact.

Ethereum’s Zinken Testnet Launch Is a Huge Success, Buterin Says “Scalability Will Go Up” on Eth 2.0
Ethereum developers have finally achieved a successful testnet release with Zinken.

Ethereum Dominates DeFi with 96% of Transactions, Buterin Discusses ETH Gas Fees
Ethereum has set the tone for the DeFi boom this year, and it has dominated particularly during the third quarter of 2020.

Chainlink (LINK) Massive Bull Run Rallies to Another New All-Time High, Up 700 percent in 2020
Chainlink (LINK) has surged by 52 percent in the past 24 hours, reaching its new all-time-high a $13.8799. Chainlink’s LINK price declined and showed a correction on Aug. 5, however, the current uptrend has proved to be strong. While LINK has attempted to reach $14, and most other altcoins are in the green.

GRT, BTT, AVAX Prices Gain Over 150% As Best Cryptocurrency Gainers For The Week
This article takes a look at the top cryptocurrency gainers for the week - The Graph Token (GRT), BitTorent (BTT) and Avalance (AVAX).

UMA, XRX, and FUN Gain Over 100% As Best Crypto Performers this Week
As the global crypto market saw increased gains this week, UMA, ZRX, and FUN lead the rallies with more than 100% weekly gains each.

Cardano Becomes the 6th Largest Crypto as ADA Price Continues on Bullish Momentum
Cardano’s native crypto ADA has reached a two-year high on July 8, topping $0.138, up by 180 percent in the past 180 days. Cardano’s ADA cryptocurrency has been one of the top-performing tokens this year and has become the sixth-largest crypto. While its market capitalization remains lower than Bitcoin and Ethereum, Cardano’s ADA has surpassed Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), which currently ranks the seventh.

CME Group Bullish on Bitcoin Despite Pullback in Prices
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group recently stated that customer interest in CME Bitcoin futures remained bullish in Q3 2019 despite the Bitcoin price pullback.

5 Legendary Investors Share Their Predictions About Bitcoin Prices
Bitcoin is emerging with the speed of lightning due to the rapid rise of technological advancements. What Bitcoin predictions have leading figures in the industry made?

Coinbase’s Registration Statement with SEC Reveals What Could Make Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Plunge
Coinbase's registration statement for its public listing reveals what could potentially drag down the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin Scarcity and PayPal Crypto Inclusion Send BTC Prices Higher, Says Pantera Capital
The shortage of Bitcoin supply is the cause of the recent price surge, and PayPal’s entry into the crypto space is having a huge impact on the BTC price.

Bitcoin’s Price Boom is Artificially Inflated, says Peter Schiff
Peter Schiff claims that the current rise in bitcoin prices is due to market manipulation.

Ethereum Breaks Past $1000, Triggering a Spike in ETH Gas Prices
Ethereum has surged past $1000, following Bitcoin’s footsteps to wrap up 2020 nicely.

Bitcoin and Tesla Prices Plunge as FED Hints QE Scale Back to Avoid Asset Bubbles
Analyst narratives on why Tesla and Bitcoin crashed yesterday are varied, but a look at the FOMC minutes hint at scaling back QE to avoid asset bubbles may be an indication.

Will DeFi Migrate to New Blockchain Platforms with the Surge in Ethereum Gas Prices?
The rise of DeFi in 2020 has made experts question whether Ethereum could sustain the sheer volume of transactions in the long run.

Coinbase Considers Support for 18 New Cryptos Including VeChain, Prompting Higher Prices
Coinbase is considering adding a new range of digital assets, including VeChain, Aragon, Bancor, Siacoin, Origin Protocol, and Ren to its potential listings.