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Eastern Europe Hotbed For Darknet As Ransomware Activity Increases
A recent study from Chainalysis has found that darknet operators are responsible for a disproportionately large share of the crypto market in Eastern Europe.

Bitmain-Backed Digital Assets Company Matrixport Extends Its Crypto Services into Europe
Matrixport, a Singapore headquartered and Bitmain-backed crypto company that offers trading, lending, and custody services, extends its services into Europe through the establishment of its new Zurich office.

SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo will focus on the European gaming and tech marketplace
SiGMA Group is excited to announce the launch of their November event, SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo. The online event, which runs from the 24th to 25th, will focus on the European gaming and tech marketplace.

Bank of Lithuania Calls For Uniform Regulation for Digital Financial Innovation Across Europe
Bank of Lithuania, Lietuvos Bankas, has proposed uniform regulations throughout the European Union in response to the European Commission’s consultations for the development of the digitalization of financial services in Europe.

Bitcoin Adoption Accelerating in NGO Sectors Across Australia, Europe, And North America
NGOs are now cashing in on cryptocurrencies. A new report reveals that an increasing number of charities continue to adopt bitcoin cryptocurrency majorly across North America, Europe, and Australia.

EU Parliament Passes Cybersecurity Legislation for Crypto and Fintech Firms
The European Parliament has passed a bill titled Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) addressing the cybersecurity of crypto and fintech companies.

EU's ESMA Wants Public Input on Proposed DLT Regulation
The European Union’s Securities and Markets Authority has called on concerned market stakeholders to comment on its proposed regulation for the use of Distributed Ledger Technology in securities trading and settlement.

Leaked EU Commission Draft on Crypto Assets Law: How Will Cryptocurrency be Regulated?
A leaked European Union legislative draft on digital assets reveals the country's plans for cryptocurrency trading and issuance across the nation.

OECD Will Launch International Crypto Tax Standards in 2021 says Tax Director
The director of the OECD’s Centre for Tax Policy and Administration has revealed that the OECD will release an international tax reporting standard for crypto assets in 2021.

European Commission Moves to Tighten Rules on Cryptocurrency Transfers
The European Commission has announced that firms transferring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies must collect details of payers and payees to help regulators prevent the flow of dirty money.

G20 Lays Regulatory Foundation to Accept Digital Payments by November Summit
G20 officials have announced that they will begin the preliminary regulatory groundwork for the group to accept digital payments.

EU Plans to Bar Interest Payments on Deposits in Stablecoins
Patrick Hansen, the head of Strategy at DeFi startup, Unstoppable Finance, said the expected MiCA bill could come as early as this month’s ending.

European Central Bank Encourages Clear Regulatory Structure for Stablecoins to Reap the Benefits While Minimizing Potential Risks
The European Central Bank (ECB) published an in-depth report on global stablecoins, focusing on highlighting the requirement for clear regulatory parameters for stablecoins, and the risks it may pose to financial stability. The ECB suggests that a “robust regulatory framework” must be established to address risks before its benefits could be explored.

ECB President Pushes for Digital Euro but Calls for Global Bitcoin Regulation
Christine Lagarde, European Central Bank president, said the Bitcoin has been used for money laundering activities and is calling for global regulation of the cryptocurrency.

Dutch Central Bank Forces Crypto Firms to Register Within Two Weeks or Face Cease and Desist
The Dutch Central Bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) has announced that crypto companies must register with the authority by May 18, or to stop operating immediately. DNB has looking to enforce the Dutch anti-money laundering (AML) laws, which was passed by the Dutch Parliament in April to comply with the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD4) laws. The Dutch AML laws are in compliance with the Financial Action Task Force-recommended AML directives and standards.

EU Agreement on MiCA May Not Favor Stablecoins
After much deliberation and compromises from the European Commission, Assembly, and Council, a final agreement that builds the comprehensive framework for the digital currency ecosystem has finally been made

European Digital Currencies Soon to Become Legal Tenders, ECB Says
Central Bank Digital Currencies may soon become legal tenders in their jurisdictions as planned by major central banks in Europe as officials are currently studying such initiatives.

Crypto Mining May be Sacrificed as EU Continues to Battle Energy Crisis
With the energy crisis in the EU, member countries may be mandated to halt crypto-mining activities

European Parliament Ratifies MiCA Framework in Landslide Vote
The long-awaited Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) regulation has just scaled through the European Parliament as MPs voted massively in favour of the bill.l

Five EU Member States Take Position Against Stablecoins
Five members of the 27-member European Union Bloc has urged the body to pass regulations to stiffen the emergence and existence of stablecoins in the region

ECB Publishes New Guideline on Regulated Digital Asset Licensing
The European Central Bank (ECB) has issued new licensing guidelines for regulating digital assets, although it currently does not have a unified regulatory framework governing crypto-asset activities and services.

First in the World? Lithuania Central Bank Approved Blockchain-based Digital Collectible
Implementing a unique new idea will be the Bank of Lithuania in introducing the world’s first blockchain – based digital coin collectible.

Feeling Left Out? EU Establishes Approximately €400m Blockchain & AI Fund
The European Commission and European Investment Fund (EIF) have launched a €2B fund to be invested in fundamental technologies. Nearly €300-€400M will be invested in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) amid fears that China and the US are setting a precedent in these areas.

Hypervine Pilots Blockchain-Enabled Satellite Data Project to Curb Climate Impact of Mining Sector
Hypervine, a blockchain construction company based in Glasgow, Scotland, has revealed the kicking off of a blockchain-powered project that will utilize satellite data to boost efficiency in the mining industry. Expressly, it will be funded by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Three EU Regulators Warn Crypto Investors of Potential Losses
Three European Union regulators have warned investors of the potential loss in the digital currency ecosystem.

EIB Bemoans the Underinvestment in Blockchain and AI, Foresees a $12B Shortfall
The EIB says Blockchain technology and AI has a shortfall in funding to the tune of $12 billion.

Coinbase warns of losing crypto industry leadership
The U.S. SEC has issued a Wells notice to Coinbase. As a result, Coinbase warns that the U.S. government’s regulatory approach to crypto has created an uncertain and unstable environment. Meanwhile, other countries, such as France, the U.K., and the European Union, are building friendlier crypto regulation ecosystems and becoming crypto hubs, causing the U.S. to lose its status as the leading hub of the crypto sector.

European Commission Unveils Strategy to Lead Web 4.0 and Virtual Worlds
A new strategy for Web 4.0 and virtual worlds has been unveiled by the European Commission in an effort to steer the next technological revolution and guarantee a safe, open, and welcoming online environment for individuals, organizations, and government agencies across the EU.

Breaking: Binance Sells Russian Operations to CommEX, Exits Market
Binance has announced the sale of its entire Russia business to CommEX, citing compliance issues as the primary reason for the exit. The transition process for existing Russian users is expected to take up to one year, with no financial strings attached to the deal for Binance.

EU to Regulate AI Use of Copyrighted Material
The European Union has passed a draft bill to regulate AI use of copyrighted materials. AI tools will be classified according to their risk level, with high-risk tools subjected to stricter transparency procedures. The bill is part of the EU's Artificial Intelligence Act and aims to strike a balance between protecting citizens and fostering innovation.

Bitzlato crypto firm taken down
Europol: 46% of Bitzlato assets were unlawful. U.S. and European authorities confiscated $19.5 million in cryptocurrencies from crypto wallets.

European Crypto Startups See Record VC Investment in 2022
Despite a challenging year for the crypto industry in 2022, VC investment in European crypto startups reached an all-time high of $5.7 billion, with decentralized finance startups seeing a 120% increase in investments. Europe is also home to the highest number of crypto startups, but lags behind the US in unicorns and startups with over $1 million in funding. Investment in financial service-based startups declined by 19% compared to 2021, while infrastructure grew by 24%. The EU's Markets in Crypto-Assets regulations are set for a final vote in April 2023.

Seoul Prosecutors Reveal Terra's Do Kwon is Hiding in Europe
South Korean prosecutors believe Do Kwon is currently residing in Europe

European Commission Launches Research Unit to Investigate Algorithms Used by Big Tech
The European Commission has launched a new research unit called the European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency (ECAT) to investigate the impact of algorithms used by prominent online platforms and search engines such as Facebook and Google. The team will analyze and evaluate the AI-backed algorithms used by Big Tech firms to identify and address any potential risks posed by these platforms.

European Securities and Markets Authority Calls for Input on New EU Crypto Rules
The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU's financial markets regulator, has initiated its first consultation package under the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation (MiCA). The authority is seeking stakeholder comments until September 20, 2023, marking a significant step towards establishing concrete rules for crypto markets in the EU.

Jacobi Asset Management Introduces Europe's First Premier Bitcoin ETF with a Green Initiative
Jacobi Asset Management launches Europe's first Bitcoin ETF on Euronext Amsterdam, blending crypto investment with a green initiative. The ETF, compliant with SFDR Article 8, offers a unique Renewable Energy Certificate solution.

European Union Introduces Comprehensive Crypto Law
The European Union has introduced a new crypto licensing regime called Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA), making it the first major jurisdiction in the world to introduce a comprehensive crypto law. The EU also voted in favor of a Transfer of Funds regulation that requires crypto operators to identify their customers in a bid to halt money laundering.

Bitstamp acquires a Spanish crypto licence
Bitstamp has been focusing on the European Union market since its launch in 2011. The approval from the Bank of Spain lets Bitstamp's local subsidiary offer digital currency exchange services for fiat currency and electronic wallet custody services to Spanish users. By this fall, the country became home to the third-largest network of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs after the United States and Canada.

Ethics of Web3 Discussed at Paris Blockchain Week
The second day of Paris Blockchain Week 2023 featured a panel discussion on the Ethics of Web3. The panelists agreed that ethical frameworks often lag behind technology and that innovation comes before any ethical standards are implemented. They highlighted the upcoming Markets in Crypto-Assets framework in the European Union as an example of turning ethics into law to protect people and innovation.

US-Based Invesco Investment Firm Launches Physical Bitcoin ETP In Europe
Invesco has finally launched a physical Bitcoin exchange-traded product in Europe, just after a few weeks of withdrawing a filing for a Bitcoin future exchange-traded fund in the US.

Ripple XRP Expands European Presence with University Blockchain Research Initiative
Ripple has expanded its University Blockchain and Research Initiative in Europe, incorporating Trinity College Dublin, EPITA, IE University, and University of Trento. The initiative aims to nurture blockchain leaders and align with Europe's goal to become a global crypto hub. IE University will organize a virtual asset regulation workshop.

The Bitcoin logo lights up Berlin
The Berlin TV Tower displayed the Bitcoin logo. German Bitcoiners tweeted images and videos of the lighting. These "advertisements" are legally illegal, so proceed cautiously.

EU Lawmakers Urged to Speed Up Passage of Crypto Law
Controversial provisions of the MiCA framework aim to simplify the rise of crypto businesses across the EU's 27 member nations.

The European Commission Announces the Launch of the European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox
The European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox helps 20 projects each year obtain legal and regulatory support from the European Commission.

Kraken Secures E-Money License in EU, Expands Virtual Asset Services in Spain
Kraken, a San Francisco-based crypto platform, has secured an E-Money Institution license from the Central Bank of Ireland and registered as a Virtual Asset Service Provider in Spain. These moves are part of Kraken's strategy to expand its European operations.

MetaMask Developer ConsenSys Responds to European Banking Authority's Consultation on Anti-Money Laundering Measures
The European Banking Authority (EBA) has closed its public consultation on revising guidelines for money laundering and terrorist financing risk factors, extending the scope to include crypto-asset service providers (CASPs). ConsenSys, MetaMask's development lead, defended the EBA's approach, stating self-hosted wallets should not be considered a risk factor and praised the EBA's recognition of blockchain analytics' role in risk mitigation.

Kraken Irish Subsidiary Awarded VASP Authorization by Central Bank of Ireland
Payward Europe Solutions, Kraken's Irish subsidiary, has been granted VASP authorization by the Central Bank of Ireland. This authorization comes at a critical time as the EU is set to vote on the MiCA regulation, which requires all companies operating as a crypto assets service provider in the EU to register with an authorized regulator.

EU Proposes Cap on Anonymous Crypto Transfers
The European Union is proposing a 1,000 euro cap on anonymous crypto transfers to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. The limit would apply to transfers when a customer cannot be identified, and the proposal also caps cash transactions at 7,000 euros. The Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism package is expected to be confirmed in April.

EU Passes Vote for Digital Wallet
The European Parliament passed a plenary vote for interinstitutional negotiations to create a EU-wide digital wallet. The eID amendments include zero-knowledge proofs to enable citizens to control their identity data.

Banks Holding Cryptocurrencies Face Strict New Regulations in European Parliament
The European Parliament must approve a new crypto exposure policy for banks.

AFP and Other Media Giants Call for Global AI Regulation to Protect Integrity
AFP and major media organizations have called for global AI regulation to protect content integrity, urging transparency, IP protection, and bias reduction.

Binance Launches In-Store Crypto Payment Solution with Ingenico
In Q2 2023, a crypto-to-fiat solution for fiat payments will pilot for retailers.

European Asset Manager Believes Bitcoin is Not Doomed Despite Industry Collapse
A European asset manager, Amundi, believes that the ongoing cryptocurrency industry collapse does not mean that digital assets like Bitcoin are doomed to fail. Despite BTC's inability to protect investors from rising inflation, its limited supply may still attract attention if inflation remains high.

Portugal's Zero-Taxation, Low Living Costs Helps Gain Pace as Preferred Crypto Destination
Portugal is crafting a name for itself in the crypto space based on its zero-taxation policy, having set up various free zones to spur growth and research for cryptocurrency and blockchain organizations.

Christine Lagarde Announced EUR 750 Billion Bond Buyback, Bitcoin Surged 10%
With the launch of ECB's €750 Billion bond buyback, Bitcoin, in the last 24 hours witnessed a steep increase in price clocking at 16% growth.

Apple Faces Major Complaint for Tracking Code that Allegedly Violates EU Privacy Regulations
A complaint that alleges that Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers code (IDFA) is a privacy breach going against European laws has been filed.

European Investment Bank to Harness Blockchain Technology for Bond Sale
The European Investment Bank (EIB) intends to deploy blockchain technology for selling bonds.

European Commission Blockchain Report: The 3 Key Takeaways
Since the inception of Bitcoin, much hype and public attention have followed the development of cryptocurrencies their value being dismissed by many while others have become hoarders of crypto. Away from the uncertainty of cryptocurrency future value, one aspect of the technology is now squarely in the limelight—the blockchain platform or distributed ledger technology that make the currencies possible.

EU’s Move to Bypass Encryption on Platforms like WhatsApp Sparks Indignation
European Union lawmakers have created a draft proposal that aims to circumvent end-to-end encryption, in a move to increase cybersecurity.

Binance Expands AI-Powered NFT Generator Bicasso
Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, expands its NFT artificial intelligence service Bicasso globally after a successful test in Europe.

Think Tank Releases Report on the Blockchain-Based Genetic Data Network
Think Tank, dGen, releases a new report entitled, “AI, Privacy, and Genomics: The Next Era of Drug Design”. It tackles the issue of privacy and access to genetic data for companies using AI to speed up and improve drug design.

Europechain Education Program delivers EOSIO with the University of Geneva
Europechain is amongst the world’s first to teach blockchain technology at a global university. Europechain has delivered an advanced EOSIO course at the University of Geneva as part of its official Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) on blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The EOSIS Blockchain is considered Blockchain 3.0 because of its zero transaction fees, TPS rates of 10,000 per second and fast scaling ability. The teaching of EOSIO at Geneva marks a further step in the adoption of blockchain as a new and vibrant digital technology.

European Central Bank Hikes Interest Rates in Surprise Move, Bitcoin Remains Steady
The European Central Bank (ECB) on Thursday increased its benchmark rate from -0.5% to 0%. Crypto market remains steady, Bitcoin stands firm above $23K level during the Asia trading section.

European Crypto Miners Share Insights About Their Local Mining Industry
dGen, a non-profit research organization, in its report, has revealed that the cryptocurrency miners in the European region believe that Europe's higher electricity prices as compared to that of Russia and China is due to the strict regulation, strong protections, and political stability.

Europe Takes the Major Share in terms of Global Crypto Distribution
As crypto adoption continues to gain steam, Europe is at the helm when it comes to crypto distribution worldwide.

High Risk Crypto Activity on The Rise in Eastern Europe Amid Russia-Ukraine War - Chainalysis
Illicit cryptocurrency activities have increased in the region driven by economic sanctions.

Swedish Central Bank Delays CBDC Plans Again
The world’s oldest Central Bank, Sweden’s Riksbank, published results of its pilot project for its proposed central bank digital currency, the e-krona.

Mutual Efforts with Europe, U.S. Key for CBDC Issuance: Bank of Japan Governor
Joining hands with the United States and Europe is fundamental when meeting technical issues needed in the issuance of a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

CBDCs Are Bad News to European Banks, says Bank of America Analysts
Bank of America analysts have made important revelations concerning the launch of CBDCs. They recently disclosed that CBDCs are bad news to European Banks.

China and EU Trade Talks Included the Potential Cooperation of Central Bank Digital Currencies
The European Union and China recently had trade and economic discussions regarding topics including central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and supply chain.

ECB to Announce by Mid-2021 Whether It Will Move Forward with CBDC Issuance
European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde said that a decision on whether or not to launch a CBDC will be made by the middle of this year.

Estonia's Central Bank Launches Research Project into CBDC
Estonia’s Central Bank also known as Eesti Pank has launched a multi-year research project into central bank digital currencies.

Bank of Spain Plans to Look at Design Proposals and Economic Implications of a CBDC
Spain’s Central Bank mentioned that it would study the design proposals and economic implications of a CBDC in the country.

ECB Plans to Lead CBDC Exploration to Unleash Global Power of the Euro
Fabio Panetta, a member of the Executive Board of the ECB, stated in his address to the European Parliament that the ECB intends to remain at the forefront of discussions concerning the nature of money in a digital world, including the exploration of the desirability and feasibility of establishing a central bank digital currency (CBDC).

ECB to Meet the Growing Demand for Digital Payments with a CBDC Digital Euro
President of the ECB Christine Lagarde broached the topic of CBDC issuance and why the bank was seriously considering the creation of a digital euro.

European Central Bank President: Coronavirus Has Accelerated Digital Currency Adoption
COVID-19 has led to an acceleration in digital payments adoption and technological innovation, as seen by the spending pattern of European citizens.

European Central Bank Assesses Potential Digital Euro CBDC Issuance
The European Central Bank (ECB) evaluated whether a digital euro would be a beneficial addition to its financial system through an October report.

German Finance Minister Calls for Speedy Interventions in the Rollout of a Digital Euro
German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, sees the digital euro as an ideal innovation to meet the high demand for digital money from businesses and consumers in Europe.

The ECB Warns Financial Stability Risks If Central Banks Fails to Issue Digital Currencies
The European Central Bank (ECB) warns that nations who decide not to issue CBDCs may encounter risks to their monetary autonomy and financial systems.

Three Major Central Banks Play a Pivotal Role in Bitcoin Adoption
Market analyst Holger Zschaepitz believes that the big three central banks, namely the Federal Reserve (Fed), the Bank of Japan (BoJ), and the European Central Bank (ECB), have been instrumental in Bitcoin adoption.

Bitcoin Price as Likely as Gold to Rally Higher, Investors Await ECB Policy Meeting Outcome
Bitcoin is now more closely correlated to safe haven asset gold than ever, which enables the world’s largest cryptocurrency to be able to combat risk aversion.

Ethereum Achieves Record-High of $2,700 as EIB Announces Sale of Digital Bond on Ethereum Blockchain
Ethereum hits a record high of $2,718 as the European Investment Bank announces a plan to sell a "two-year digital bond" on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Ethereum Dominates European Blockchain Startup Scene
LeadBlock Partners, a European Venture Capital fund that invests in early-stage B2B Blockchain solutions, has announced that Ethereum is a prominent gamechanger among all the European blockchain startups.

FTX Crypto Exchange Announces Major Expansion into European Market
The expansion into Europe is a timely one for FTX, which launched its US subsidiary business two years ago.

PayPal Confirms Its Plan to Develop Cryptocurrency Capabilities in its Letter to the European Commission
In a letter to the European Commission in March 2020, payment giant PayPal has now confirmed that has it is actively working to bring cryptocurrencies capabilities on its platform. In the detailed letter, PayPal said that it has taken tangible and unilateral steps to further develop its capabilities in the cryptocurrency space.

Blackrock Rollouts Blockchain ETF for European Investors
The iShares Blockchain Technology UCITS ETF targets institutional and professional investors in Europe.

EU Imposes 8th Wave Sanctions over Russia to Include Blanket Crypto Ban
The European Union (EU) has updated its sanction on Russia, the 8th package, and this time, it unveils zero tolerance for crypto-related transactions.

Protests Erupt as Alexander Lukashenko Wins Disputed Landslide Election in Crypto Forward Belarus
In Belarus, a highly contested election victory for longstanding President Alexander Lukashenko over Svetlana Tikhanovskaya has erupted in protests. Despite the dispute, the Soviet forged dictator’s stay of power may be good news for crypto.

Germany’s Financial Regulator Warns Binance Over Stock Token Offering
Germany's financial regulator BaFin has warned Binance that it may be violating European securities laws with the introduction of its stock token trading.

Binance Scores Big Win as Newly Licensed Exchange in Italy
Binance cryptocurrency exchange has just scored a big win as its Italian offshoot, dubbed Binance Italy, has received approval to operate in the country by the Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM).

Cameron Winklevoss is no Longer a Director at Gemini Europe - Report
Gemini Co-Founder Cameron Winklevoss is no longer a Director in the European offshoot

WisdomTree Expands Crypto Offerings in Europe, Launching Cardano, Polkadot & Solana ETPs
WisdomTree has listed additional physically-backed crypto ETPs on major exchanges in Europe.

IMF Boss Says Europe Can Avoid Debt Trap, Difficult to Believe in Crypto as Money
IMF Chief Kristalina Georgieva said that Europe could reverse getting into a debt crisis. She further warned about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

European Commission Eyes Crypto Regulatory Framework with New Digital Finance Package
The European Commission (EC) has unveiled a digital finance package that highlights legislative proposals on crypto assets and digital resilience.

European Union Parliament Considers Petition for Crypto Fraud Victims Fund
European Union Parliament is considering a petition from a consortium of individuals and companies to establish a restitution fund for victims of crypto-fraud.

EU’s Latest Coronavirus Recovery Deal: What’s Wrong with Fiat and What’s Right with Crypto
The recovery fund spearheaded by the EU is made up of €390 billion in grants and €360 billion in loans, which will be added to a new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), with the sum of €1.074 trillion as a seven-year budget. The heads of state and government have reached a unanimous agreement, resulting in a total financial package of €1.82 trillion.

European Blockchain Service Infrastructure PCP to Begin—Why it Could Benefit XRP and BTC
The EC seeks industry tenders for the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) - a European blockchain solution that could inadvertently see BTC and XRP soar.

European Blockchain Convention reinvents itself to remain the leading congress in Europe
European Blockchain Convention Virtual becomes the meeting point of the Blockchain Industry this year in Europe. The congress, which will be held on September 21 and 22, will feature workshops, presentations, panel discussions and more than 100 world-class speakers. EBC will provide access to an AI-powered networking platform to facilitate virtual one-to-one meetings between over 1.500 attendees.

The Old World. What is going on with Digital Assets in Europe?
Europe is an enormous market of more than half a billion people. As small amounts up to 8 million euros may be raised without registration of the offering, it is a very attractive market for international projects looking to reach new investors for their security token offering.

Binance Unveils Crypto-Powered Debit Card in Europe For Seamless Transactions Across 60 Million Merchants
Leading crypto exchange Binance has rolled out the Binance Card, a crypto debit card, in Europe that will enable users to convert their stored cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Swipe (SXP), and Binance USD (BUSD) to fiat and spend them at more than 60 million merchants worldwide.

France Seeks to Block Development of Libra in Europe
While speaking at a recent conference in Paris on virtual currencies, Bruno Le Maire, French Finance Minister said, “In these conditions, we cannot authorise the developments of Libra on European soil.

CryptoFin is the largest blockchain, cryptocurrency and alternative banking conference in Northern Europe
The capital city of the Northern star Estonia will host the 2-day international event CryptoFin Conference & Expo on 14-15 of October 2019 at the Creative Hub.

HSBC Becomes the First Bank to Finance Transaction via Hyperledger
Multinational banking giant, HSBC has reportedly become the first bank to complete a financial transaction using the blockchain trade platform, based in Europe.

Dutch Central Bank Aims to Play Leading Role in Developing CBDC in Europe as Part of Plan to Become Increasingly Digital
The Dutch central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank made an announcement in its bulletin, saying that it aims to become the world leader in the development of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). The report highlighted that the topic of CBDC has gained more public exposure in the Netherlands than in “several other euro area countries for several reasons.”