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What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. With the underlying technology blockchain, bitcoin has redefining money in terms of money form, money issuance standard and money movement. Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million coins and uses proof-of-work (POW) consensus. In some sense, bitcoin removes our reliance on central banks and traditional financial institutions that we have to trust on. Bitcoin brings monetary freedom.
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U.S. Representative French Hill offers insights into digital asset regulations
French Hill urges the Senate to create innovative crypto rules.

Hut 8 Mining Corporation Ramps Up Fight Against Power Supplier
Hut 8 Mining sued Ontario over power supply to a newly built crypto mining plant.

Argo Blockchain IPO: Lawsuit Claims Miner Made Untrue Statements
Argo Blockchain's 2021 IPO investors launched a class-action lawsuit.

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Proposes Bills to Make Bitcoin Legal Tender
Arizona state senator Wendy Rogers also supported a tax-exempt crypto bill.

New York State Introduces Bill Allowing State Agencies to Accept Crypto
The crypto sector has attacked New York's "BitLicense" and crypto mining restrictions.

Tesla refuses to sell any more Bitcoin
Tesla kept its Bitcoin for the second half of 2022 after selling 75% in the second quarter. As Bitcoin's price fell, the firm's financials reveal it didn't buy or sell Bitcoin in Q2 or Q3.

On-chain data is signaling a "generational buying opportunity"
Technical analyst "Game of Trades" discovered six on-chain measurements for his 71,000 Twitter followers. Bitcoin's Realized Price (RP) is an estimate of what the market paid for all coins at their previous price.

Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver sued for $20.8 million
Genesis sued Roger Ver for $20.8 million in unpaid crypto options. GGC International sued Ver in New York State Supreme Court on Jan. 23. BCH has not reacted to the lawsuit.

Australia Breaks Into Top 3 Nations for Crypto ATM
Australia has 234 crypto ATMs, third worldwide behind the US and Canada. Australia has added 16 ATMs since Jan. 1, while Spain has lost 4 and El Salvador hasn't.

The U.K. government is recruiting for a head to its central bank digital currency project
The U.K. is hiring a central bank digital currency (CBDC) chief to establish a digital pound. CBDCs promise financial inclusion and lower corporate and consumer expenses. A former Bank of England senior advisor opposed CBDCs. In 2021, 23 million Brits did not use cash, and fewer than 15% of payments are done using cash.

Genesis Coin Inc, Powering 35% of Global Bitcoin ATM Transactions, Acquired by Bitstop Founders
Genesis Coin Inc, the first and largest Bitcoin ATM software platform worldwide announced today that they have been acquired by early Bitcoin ATM pioneers Andrew Barnard and Doug Carrillo.

BlockFi to Sell $160 Million in Bitcoin Mining Machine
BlockFi aims to offer $160 million in loans secured by 68,000 Bitcoin mining equipment. November saw the crypto lender declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Defaulted loans may be undercollateralized.

DCG's subsidiary Genesis Capital slapped with new class
Genesis Capital, a DCG subsidiary, faces a class action lawsuit. Digital asset lending clients filed the complaint. Genesis violated securities laws by providing unregistered securities.

Binance Admits to Storing Customer Funds in the same wallet
Binance maintains certain client assets in the same wallet as its collateral for in-house tokens. Binance moved the funds to collateral wallets after the disclosure. B-Tokens are 1:1 collateralized, according to the company.

New partnership to enable Bitcoin micropayments for content platforms
Crypto has enabled micro-monetization across businesses. Play-to-earn games and music streaming led this crypto integration. ZEBEDEE and Fountain, a value-for-value podcasting platform, partnered.

New clause in South Africa's advertising code for cryptocurrency
South Africa's Advertising Regulatory Board now covers cryptocurrencies. Ads must "expressly and plainly" warn investors of money loss. They must also provide balanced information on product returns, features, advantages, and dangers.

Brazil and Argentina explore a common currency
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong promotes Bitcoin for Brazil and Argentina. A alternative currency to the Argentine peso and Brazilian real is being prepared by the two South American nations. BTC might become the second-largest currency bloc after the US dollar.

Argo Blockchain regains stock listing compliance with Nasdaq
Nasdaq relisted bitcoin mining company Argo. Nasdaq's listing standards demand a minimum closing bid price of $1 for 30 consecutive working days, which the firm did not meet. After Nasdaq notified ARBK about noncompliance in December, shares recovered.

The Bitcoin logo lights up Berlin
The Berlin TV Tower displayed the Bitcoin logo. German Bitcoiners tweeted images and videos of the lighting. These "advertisements" are legally illegal, so proceed cautiously.

Bitcoin's Winning Streak Finally Comes to an End
Bitcoin lost its two-week streak. Jan. 18 saw BTC's first red candle. The U.S. Department of Justice statement earlier in the week seems to have caused the price drop.

Binance linked to illegal cryptocurrency platform Bitzlato
Binance is related to Bitzlato, according to FinCEN. The obscure platform collected $206 million from darknet marketplaces, $224 million through frauds, and $9 million from ransomware perpetrators.

Why Bitcoin's Price Rebound Could Signify a Market Bottom
Since July, Bitcoin market mood is strong. Analysts think Bitcoin's recent price rise may indicate a greater breakthrough. Investor sentiment spiked three times since 2021, most recently in January.

Allegations of fraud against Compass Mining after company cuts ties with Russian
Compass Mining customers are suing for $2 million for fraud. The firm terminated connections with Russian hosting provider Bit River and didn't restore clients' Bitcoin machines. It cut connections with Bit River over non-applicable US sanctions.

1inch Network Launches Hardware Wallet Amid Rise of Self-Cust
1inch is the newest hardware wallet supplier for cryptocurrency. The 1inch Hardware Wallet's 2.7-inch E-Ink grayscale touch panel and stainless-steel frame mimic the iPhone 13.

U.S. sanctions: Customers suing Compass Mining
Compass Mining customers are suing for $2 million for fraud. The firm terminated connections with Russian hosting provider Bit River and didn't restore clients' Bitcoin machines. It cut connections with Bit River over non-applicable US sanctions.

1inch Network Launches New Hardware Wallet
1inch is the newest hardware wallet supplier for cryptocurrency. The 1inch Hardware Wallet's 2.7-inch E-Ink grayscale touch panel and stainless-steel frame mimic the iPhone 13.

Samsung Investment Exploring Hong Kong Spot-Bitcoin ETF
Samsung Asset Management is exploring a Hong Kong spot Bitcoin ETF. The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Market, Asia's sole Bitcoin futures exchange, launched the company's Bitcoin futures ETF on Jan. 13.

Australian Bitcoin ATMs Demonstrate Lightning Network
Coolangatta has its first Lightning Network-enabled Bitcoin ATM. Bitcoin Lightning ATMs operate like regular Bitcoin ATMs but faster. Crypto ATMs number 38,602, with 6,071 added in 2022.

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Buying Splits The Crypto Community
MicroStrategy, a business that specializes in software analytics, has just increased the amount of Bitcoin it holds. Following the transaction, the company now has a total ownership of 132,500 BTC, which were acquired for a sum of $4.03 billion. Some people believe that this new move may have the ability to cause a new minimum price for the leading digital asset. Others say that increasing one's Bitcoin holdings exposes one to the danger of centralization.

Conflux Network Expands into Hong Kong
Dr Ming Wu, Co-Founder of Conflux Network, was invited by the Hong Kong Government to discuss the rise of tech innovation through Web3 and how the Conflux Network could play a foundational role in these developments.

$1.7M In QuadrigaCX Bitcoin Wakes After Years
ZachXBT tweeted on Dec. 19 about five wallets that moved 104 Bitcoin to multiple wallets. The wallets hadn't transferred Bitcoin since April 2018. Following Gerald Cotten's death in December 2018, QuadrigaCX filed bankruptcy in April 2019.

Nigeria Passes Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Law
The Nigerian government will soon legalize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Punch Newspapers of Nigeria announced the news on December 18 after interviewing House of Representatives Committee on Capital Markets Chairman Babangida Ibrahim. If passed, the local Securities and Exchange Commission might consider cryptocurrencies and other digital monies as investment capital.

Bank Of Russia Opposes International Trade Crypto Investment
The Bank of Russia is prepared to look into the possibility of permitting the usage of cryptocurrencies within the borders of the country, but this would be done solely for the purpose of conducting a legal experiment. Elvira Nabiullina, the governor of the Bank of Russia, stated that the major problem that the central bank has always had with cryptocurrencies is that they cannot be used as a payment tool.

World’s First Ecological Mining Pool Set for Launch in 2023
While Bitcoin has been at the epicentre of a global controversy storm for several years now, one company is hoping to change that by turning the entire industry on its head – in the best way possible.

Senator Lummis Still Trusts Bitcoin For Retirement
US politician Cynthia Lummis is crypto-friendly. She's unfazed by lawmakers' Bitcoin retirement plan bans. Instead, Elizabeth Warren, Tina Smith, and Richard Durbin want Fidelity to discontinue its BTC-linked 401(k) (k).

VRJAM Announces The Initial Exchange Offering Of Its Revolutionary Metaverse Currency, Vrjam Coin
VRJAM, the leading platform for Web3 live events, today announced the launch of its revolutionary new digital currency VRJAM Coin will IEO on the 30th of November via exchanges and MexC. VRJAM’s and metaverse crypto-coin is currently valued at $US40M and has attracted investment from 15 of the world's leading web3 focussed VC’s and investors.

A Number of Renowned Speakers are Expected to Take Part in Blockchain Fest Singapore 2023
A Number of Renowned Speakers are Expected to Take Part in Blockchain Fest Singapore 2023

El Salvador Bukele's administration proposed 'Bitcoin bonds'
El Salvador submitted a law to legalize digital assets in public issuances. The government intends to raise $1 billion for "Bitcoin city" Half of the cash would go to Bitcoin.

Launch of Ethereum Climate Platform to reduce PoW emissions
The coalition aims to redress the network's former proof-of-work (PoW) carbon emissions. It was formed by Web3 firms, civil society leaders and the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. The group will invest in climate projects that promise to mitigate Ethereum's past emissions.

Oracle Red Bull Racing Streaks Ahead
Transcending Worlds: Oracle Red Bull Racing and Partners Make History Oracle Red Bull Racing and Partners create perfect storm of creativity, innovation, and passion

Bitcoin Falls as Crypto Market Crashes Again
Crypto markets recoiled Wednesday with most major cryptocurrencies spending much of the day in the red. Lending arm of Genesis Global Trading temporarily suspended redemptions and new loan originations. Bitcoin down 1.4%, Ether down 3.7%, CEL, UNI, and FTX off more than 5%. Genesis Global Capital (DCG) has temporarily suspended redemptions and new loan originations in the wake of the FTX collapse. DCG's announcement is the latest entanglement to FTX's liquidity crisis and subsequent filing for bankruptcy protection last week.

Web3 Platform Angelo Prepares to Reimagine Physical Art Collection
Angelo, an investment platform tying physical fine art to NFTs, has announced its launch. The web3 platform aims to add a more tactile component to the abstract concept of NFT ownership.

Candy Club Integrates with OKC (OKX Chain) Ecosystem
Candy Club has successfully integrated into the OKC ecosystem and added a use case for the OKC token and community. OKC is an EVM-compatible L1 built on Cosmos with a focus on true interoperability (IBC) and maximized performance. At high scalability, developers can build and scale with low gas fees. The OKC ecosystem and infrastructure, including the all-in-one multi-chain Web3 interface, enables a seamless experience for both developers and users.

WAHED Coin to Launch on LBank Exchange on December 5
WAHED Coin, the native cryptocurrency of the WAHED ecosystem, is to be listed on LBank on December 5. The asset powers a growing array of features within WAHED’s next-generation investment hub.

ARGOS ID presents the World’s First Travel Rule Solution for Unhosted Wallets
ARGOS ID is delighted to introduce the world’s first Travel Rule solution for crypto wallets. The service brings full coverage on verifying unhosted wallets which virtual asset service providers(VASPs) find challenging in the current stage.

Wrapped Tokens Issued by FTX or Alameda Slumps, No Longer Redeemable
Following the filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy from FTX, the wrapped tokens issued by the crypto exchange or its sister trading shop Alameda Research have now undergone a price decline.

FTX Affirms to 'Unauthorized Access’ to Some Assets, Working With Law Enforcement
After confirming the recent incident of unauthorized access" to its crypto holdings, citing a hack, FTX’s general counsel Ryne Miller took to his Twitter on Saturday to explain that the exchange is now working with law enforcement

FTX to Have Its European Operating License Suspended
Following its turmoil, the FTX’s European license is now said to be soon suspended by Cyprus regulators, according to a report.

Bitcoin Gains Momentum Based on Positive CPI Numbers
After slipping to lows of $15.5K amid FTX’s liquidity crunch, Bitcoin gained momentum based on positive consumer price index (CPI) numbers released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Binance Publishes Details of Holdings in its Hot Wallet
Binance has posted a snapshot of its hot wallet reserve to lead the exchange's transparency push

Upland and FIFA Officially Launch the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Experience in The Upland Metaverse
Upland and FIFA have today announced a multi-year partnership that allows the Upland community and football fans worldwide to collect, trade, and own FIFA digital assets and game video highlights, pursuing a joint mission to help fans get a better understanding of how the metaverse and web3 work.

The web3 gaming company Kryptomon partners with Unstoppable Domains
The web3 gaming company Kryptomon which develops the living-NFT-powered metaverse game combining Play-and-Earn gaming mechanics, announced today its partnership with Unstoppable Domains, the leading provider of Web3 domains.

The First Crypto Bank in Puerto Rico Rolls Out Digital-Asset Custody Service
FV (Fintech Ventures) Bank, a global financial entity registered in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico, has launched a digital-asset custody service for seamless safeguarding and interoperability of crypto and fiat.

Binance Bails Out From FTX Takeover Deal
Binance on Twitter announced the crypto exchange has ended the acquisition plan because, among other reasons, FTX has mishandled customer funds.

Billions of Dollars Exit Exchanges as Investors Scuttle Towards Safety
Investors are withdrawing their funds from exchanges amid the FTX implosion

Upland and FIFA Officially Launch the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Experience in The Upland Metaverse
Upland and FIFA have today announced a multi-year partnership that allows the Upland community and football fans worldwide to collect, trade, and own FIFA digital assets and game video highlights, pursuing a joint mission to help fans get a better understanding of how the metaverse and web3 work.

No Significant Risk Exposure to FTX or FTT, Says Coinbase CEO
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted that Coinbase has no significant exposure to FTX and its platform currency FTT, as well as Alameda's exposure.

BitMEX to Launch BMEX Token Trading on Friday
Crypto exchange Bitmex has announced it will launch the trade of its BMEX token on 11 November.

BlockFi to Relaunch Yield Bearing Product in the US After SEC Settlement
Months after settling with the SEC, BlockFi has now re-introduced its yield product

Former Meta and Pinterest Executive Joins Sequoia-Backed Decentralized Social as COO
After years spent developing the category-defining technology powering its infrastructure, Sequoia-backed DeSo is hiring Salil Shah, a seasoned executive with experience at Meta and Pinterest, to scale the business.

MarginX, World's First Community-Based Decentralized Exchange, Launches on Function X Blockchain
MarginX, the world’s first community-based decentralized exchange (DEX), launches on the Function X blockchain today. It runs on a first-of-its-kind multi-chain and on-chain infrastructure that allows investors to trade with close to zero gas fees, ultra-high throughput and liquidity, and full ownership and transparency.

KuCoin lists AirDAO's $AMB token with a $USDT pair
The announcement gives KuCoin's 25 million global users the opportunity to participate in AirDAO's up-and-coming DeFi ecosystem, boosting its rapidly growing international community and marking another exciting exchange listing for AirDAO. KuCoin is running a Net Holding competition as part of the events surrounding the listing, with $30,000 in $AMB tokens up for grabs for participants. Also, KuCoin will launch a Twitter airdrop and a participation reward campaign to promote the listing.

MarketAcross To Join Benzinga’s Future Of Crypto Summit As Global Media Partner
MarketAcross, the premier blockchain PR and marketing firm, is the official global media partner for the Future of Crypto conference, organized by Benzinga. The event is a new Benzinga initiative which wants to focus on the broader cryptocurrency industry, including DeFi and NFTs.

Crypto Exchange Coinmetro Successfully Raises $7M
Crypto exchange Coinmetro has successfully raised $7 million in funding in a round backed by three angel investors and hundred shareholders.

Binance is Not In "a War" With FTX, Says Co-Founder Yi He
Co-founder and chief customer service of Binance exchange, in an explanation on Twitter, claimed that Binance is not in a war with FTX and has no intention of engaging in drama.

Bank of Korea Completes 2nd Phase of CBDC Simulation Test
The Bank of Korea said that it has completed a 10-month CBDC simulation experiment research work on the 10-month central bank digital currency.

FTX Sees Native Token FTT Tumble by 15% Following Binance Selloff
Popular crypto exchange FTX has witnessed a massive dip in the price of their native token, which has come about after an increase in withdrawals kickstarted by another top crypto exchange Binance, who planned to sell off all their FTX tokens.

Messari Releases Research Reports on the TRON Ecosystem and the Stablecoin USDD
Messari, the leading provider of crypto market intelligence, released two quarterly analysis reports related to the TRON ecosystem – State of TRON Q3 2022 and State of USDD Q3 2022. The two most significant highlights in the comparison of Q3 with Q2 2022 were the 480.4% increase in the number of holders of USDD and the 71% increase in the Total Value Locked of TRX. Both reports indicated positive conclusions about the stability and secure strength of USDD and the TRON network as a whole. Invites Investors to Become Crypto Company Co-Owners
Crypto-banking innovator is preparing a major assault on the $250B crypto earnings sector and is opening its equity book for those who want to be part of the journey. Via the Seedrs crowdinvesting platform, is offering a limited supply of equity to Seedrs and its own platform users.

Binance Liquidates Entire FTT Holdings
Binance is liquidating its remaining FTT holdings, according to the crypto exchange CEO Changpeng "CZ".

Crypto Prices This Week: Market Cap Stays above $1 Trillion, BTC, ETH, DOGE, SHIB, AR
The crypto market is generally higher at the start of this week but continues holding a sideways pattern.

The Launch of CBDC May Destroy Bitcoin - Arthur Hayes
BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes believes the advent of CBDCs may not be a good tale for Bitcoin

Michael Saylor Believes Bitcoin is the Solution to the Lebanon's Financial Crisis
Bitcoin bull, Michael Saylor is optimistic BTC can solve Lebanon's economic and monetary woes

WeSleep Unveils its 'Sleepie' NFTs
Web3 app WeSleep has launched with the promise of daily rewards for users who pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Dubbed a sleep-to-earn app, WeSleep utilizes clever tokenomics to incentivize positive behaviors.

Elrond Transforms Into MultiversX, Launches 3 New Metaverse Products
Elrond, the startup building internet scale blockchain technology, announces its transformation into MultiversX. The company thus expands its mission of building the new internet economy to include the digital meta-space frontier.

DLT is Becoming Mainstream Among Financial Market Participants - Citi
According to a recent white paper by American multinational investment bank, Citi, the mainstream adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) is now growing rapidly among the financial market infrastructures and global market participants.

Pre-Production Solana Phone Set to Ship to Developers in December
As the launch draws closer, Solana phones (also called Saga) pre-production are now set to be shipped out to developers for testing from December 15th.

UK Parliament Committee Set Out Inquiry Into Risks and Benefits of NFTs
A group in the UK's House of Commons are now planning to launch an inquiry into the operation, risks, and benefits of NFTs and the blockchain at large, as well as to see how the industry could impart the UK economy.

IRS is Developing 'Hundreds' of Crypto Cases Amid Upcoming Tax Season
The United States IRS is building crypto cases and is looking toward hiring new hands to help handle its operations

Canada's Federal Government Begins Consultations on Digital Currency
The federal government of Canada announced in a budget address that it has started discussions on cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and central bank digital currencies.

Santander Imposes Limit on Crypto Transactions for UK Customers
Santander to impose a £1,000 transaction limit on its crypto customers in the UK

Goldman Sachs to Launch Data Service to Classify Digital Assets
Goldman Sachs has floated a new crypto categorization tool dubbed Datanomy

Fidelity Launches a New Commission-Free Crypto Trading Product
Fidelity Investments has launched trading support for Bitcoin and Ethereum at zero commission

Bitcoin Holds Steady at $20,000 Level as The Fed Hikes Rates as Expected
The Federal Reserve enacted the 4th consecutive 75 basis point rate hike on Wednesday. Bitcoin reacted.

China Plays Top Crypto Whale, Followed By US: Sources
Despite its harsh stance on crypto, the China government could still be holding significant amounts of Bitcoins.

BIS to Adopt DeFi Implementation in Forex CBDC Markets
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), along with the “Eurosystem” – central banks of France, Singapore, and Switzerland will be launching a new project called “Project Mariana.”

Union Bank of The Philippines Launches Crypto Trading Services
The Union Bank of the Phillippines has launched crypto trading services for its customers in partnership with Metaco

Riddle&Code ignites the fourth industrial revolution by easily onboarding any machine onto Web3
Riddle&Code, one of Austria’s fastest-growing startups, has established a new path of digitalization for industrial companies with its evolved purpose - onboarding industries to Web3. For many industrial companies it is challenging to transition into the new standards and find their way in the Web3 universe, often delaying entry into new potential business models. With this new technology from Riddle&Code, it is possible to tokenize industrial machines, create new crowdfunding opportunities, and provide trusted data.

Kinesis Money Launches Virtual Crypto Card
Kinesis Money, the digital asset utility platform, launched the Kinesis Virtual Card, enabling the global community to spend their crypto holdings in real-time, with instant fiat conversion, anywhere in the world.

Swiss Startup with 5M+ users officially lists on AllianceBlock Fundrs platform
The DUA token is set to become the first project to list on AllianceBlocks peer to peer participatory funding platform. Dua is powering the internal economy and matchmaking experience of international migrants, expats and diaspora communities.

Generate Capital to Purchase Bankrupt Compute North's Assets in 2 Mining Sites
The loan secured from Generate Capital prompted Bitcoin miner Compute North to file for bankruptcy protection.

South African Supermarket Chain Pick n Pay Starts Accepting Bitcoin Payments
The development of Pick n Pay means that South African shoppers can now purchase food and other goods online with Bitcoins.

South Korean Regulators to Harden Punishments for Crypto Fraud Practices
South Korean legislature is mulling plans to tighten its grip on crypto fraud practices

El Salvador's Government Refusing to Share Details on its BTC Stack - ALAC
El Salvador's BANDESAL has denied the request for its Bitcoin information from ALAC

Is Bitcoin Gearing Up to Exit the Current Bottom?
Since Bitcoin has been trading above the psychological price of $20K, Glassnode has released its weekly on-chain report titled “Hammering Out The Bottom,” scrutinizing the stakes and the risks that may lay on the road ahead.

Gemini Expands Services to Six European Nations
U.S-based cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has announced the launch of its services in six European Nations.

Hong Kong Outlines New Rules For Crypto Futures ETF Issuers
The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong, on Monday, published a detailed circular of the requirements exchange-traded fund managers need to meet to list their crypto products in the city.

Hodlnaut Lost $190M from Hong Kong Branch in TerraUSD Wreck
A report from the interim judicial manager has uncovered that cryptocurrency lender Hodlnaut's Hong Kong branch lost nearly $190 million during the collapse of the Terra/Luna digital token in May 2022.

Brian Amstrong Sees Bitcoin as a Flight to Safety Asset in 5 -10 Yrs
Coinbase's Brian Armstrong foresees Bitcoin serving as a safe investment asset in about a decade

Argo Shares Plunges 72% After Fundraising Fails to Go Through
Shares of Bitcoin miner Argo fell 72% on Monday after a strategic investor failed to participate in the company's fundraising event

RealFevr Raises €10 Million to Build the Ultimate Web3 GameFi Sports Ecosystem
RealFevr, one of Portugal’s fastest-growing startups, announced that it has raised a €10 Million funding round. The round is led by global sports investor ADvantage, with participation from Semapa Next, Shilling Capital Partners, APEX Capital, and the professional football player Sérgio Oliveira.

Vitalik Buterin Shares Opinion On Crypto Regulation
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on Sunday, shared his opinion on crypto regulation, expressing that he is happy exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are getting delayed.

FTX CEO Breaks Down Zuckerberg's Intent To Invest $10B/Year Into Meta
FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried on Saturday took to Twitter to break down the reason behind Zuckerberg rebranding his company Facebook to Meta and his intent to pump $10 billion every year into Meta.

Crypto Market Watch: Weekly Price Trend Update
Here is a brief on the most significant crypto price uptrend over the past week.

Accelerating Financial Inclusion surfing the Wave of Digital Innovation - Accra, Ghana to host the 6th Edition Connected Banking
The West African financial sector has been witnessing a wave of digital innovation that has fuelled services and applications that had the potential to really shake up the banking sector. Banks, Fintechs, and financial institutions have been harnessing digital solutions designed to serve touchless and remote banking, which has unlocked opportunities for the millions of digitally connected diaspora that remains formally unbanked but economically active.

Inu & meme equivalent to Cleverminu token launched with 1 trillion IMO sale
Cleverminu, a hybrid meme and Inu token, has shared details of its much-anticipated token sale. The public event has seen 1 trillion CLEVERMINU tokens made available to establish a decentralized economy powered by its users. The token sale began on October 27 at 9:00 UTC, supporting price discovery and distributing CLEVERMINU to a global user base.

Brazilian City of Porto Alegre Formally Makes Room for Bitcoin Pizza Day
Brazil's City, Porto Alegre has created a public holiday for Bitcoin Pizza Day

Cosmos Hub Postpones Vote Date On New Security Model Proposal
After two respective postponements, the Cosmos' vote date to approve proposed changes to the network’s Hub has now been fixed to October 31.

Visa Files Trademark Applications for Crypto Products, Including NFTs
Payment giant Visa has filed two trademark applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) concerning cryptocurrency wallets, NFTs, and the Metaverse.

Core Scientific Faces Bankruptcy With Over 78% collapse in Share Value
Bitcoin mining firm Core Scientific to file for Bankruptcy

EOS Foundation Signs MoU with Busan City to Boost Blockchain Investments
Following its recent partnership with crypto exchanges such as Binance, FTX, and Huobi to help develop the blockchain infrastructure in the city and the country, Busan, a city in South Korea, has now signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with not-for-profit organization, EOS Network Foundation.

Google Cloud Introduces Blockchain Node Engine for Web3 Development
Google Cloud's latest launch, Blockchain Node Engine, aims to help Web3 developers build and deploy new products on blockchain-based platforms.

Switzerland City Lugano Signs Agreement With El Salvador To Enhance Bitcoin Adoption in The Regions
The two jurisdictions want to strengthen relations to harness the potential of Bitcoin cryptocurrency for the benefit of both regions and neighboring states and countries.

Bitcoin Prices Hold Tight above $20K Level, But Downsides Still Imminent
Bitcoin is still at risk due to bad economic news such as inflation data, and Federal Reserve meetings, among others.

MyNFT to Bring Europe's First NFT Vending Machine to London
Web3 startup MyNFT will be launching the UK's first NFT Vending machines in London Coin Secures 25 Million Dollars Investment Commitment From GEM Digital Limited
GEM Digital Limited commits 25 Million Dollars to Coin. MINTME rose by over 50,000% in the last two years, and such news will only speed up its march to the top.

Twitter Brings Tweet Tiles Pilot to NFT Marketplaces
Twitter is expanding its trial of Tweet Tiles, previously tested with New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and The Guardian, to the world of NFTs. A selection of NFT marketplaces has been selected for the experiment, which enables Tweets to feature an interactive customizable widget.

Crypto Firm Q9 Capital Wins Dubai's Regulatory Approval for Provisional Virtual Asset
Crypto investment platform Q9 Capital has received regulatory approval for a provisional virtual asset from Dubai's Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority, according to the company's announcement.

Meta's Metaverse Division Reports 3rd Quarter Loss of Over $3.7B
Meta's Facebook Reality Labs division has reported a third-quarter loss of over $3.7 billion, making only $285 million, according to its earnings report released on Wednesday.

Binance Launches Oracle Services on BNB Chain
Crypto exchange Binance has launched an oracle service called Binance Oracle to power the BNB chain ecosystem, making it the first-ever blockchain to use Binance Oracle.

Cash App Introduces Bitcoin Transactions via Lightning Network
The payment processing app created by Block Inc, Cash App, has now accepted bitcoin transactions, enabling users to both send and receive Bitcoin via the lightning network.

Kava Launches Liquid Staking With Successful Mainnet Upgrade
The Kava Network, an open-source, EVM and Cosmos IBC compatible, Layer-1 blockchain ecosystem, successfully implemented its Kava 11 mainnet upgrade on October 26th.

Gluwa Blockchain Partners With Lagos State Government to Digitize Agricultural Assets
Blockchain infrastructure platform Gluwa is partnering with the Lagos State government to transform the agricultural sector. The move will enable the digitization of agricultural assets, making it easier for farmers in the region to obtain finance.

Carbon Offsetting for Blockchains & Beyond: Regen Network Launches Carbon Marketplace
Regen Network Development released its marketplace application for tokenized carbon and ecological assets, Regen Marketplace. Regen Network allows carbon project developers to originate high-quality nature-based carbon credits to markets, catalyzing regenerative finance solutions to the climate crisis. Regen Marketplace takes advantage of Regen Ledger, the application-specific blockchain which brings transparency and public governance to voluntary carbon markets, built on the CosmosSDK.

Bitcoin Surges Past $20,000, Ether Bounces As USD Weakens
Bitcoin surged on Tuesday breaking back above the $20,000 level while major altcoins led by Ether rose on a positive market upturn as the US dollar fell.

P2E Games Need To Emphasize Their Narrative And Artwork Over Quick Monetization Efforts
The first generation of play-to-earn blockchain games has sparked global excitement. But unfortunately, one can't turn a blind eye to their glaring weaknesses and oversights either. For example, building a sustainable game requires a substantial focus on story, artwork, and content rather than monetization.

BlazeSwap Delivers New DeFi Standard With Flare Network: a DEX offering Enhanced Organic Yields
Dubai, UAE | October 26th, 2022 — BlazeSwap is an upcoming decentralized exchange (DEX) launching on Flare Network, the new blockchain that aims to connect everything. BlazeSwap will be the first and only DEX on Flare offering users Flare’s price oracle delegation and network airdrop rewards on top of liquidity provider fees.

Primex Finance deploys its Beta on zkSync testnet to enable margin trading on DEXs
Pioneer cross-chain prime brokerage protocol Primex Finance announces the deployment of its recently-launched Beta version on the zkSync 2.0 testnet. Taking place at the end of October 2022, the integration will enable the project to offer users better transaction speed for margin trading on DEXs. At the same time, traders will be able to take advantage of lower gas fees and a high level of security on Primex Beta.

SeaCoast Will Host $COAST Token Sale on October 25th
SeaCoast, the maritime startup using web3 technology to pioneer new ways of exploring the world’s waterways, has announced its public token sale. The event will commence on October 25, giving members of the public their first opportunity to purchase $COAST tokens.

SandStorm Launches On-Demand Metaverse Builds with 5 Virtual World Partners
The largest metaverse builder community SandStorm has launched its self-serve build proposals, making it easier for brands to hire on-demand builders. SandStorm is a builder marketplace that currently spans 5 virtual worlds and eventually plans to expand across the entire open metaverse.

Celsius Gets Green Light from Bankruptcy Judge for Bidding Plans
Celsius Network has received an ok sign from a federal bankruptcy judge for bidding procedure plans. The next step will include setting up a schedule in motion which could see the platform's assets sold by the end of the year.

Ark Invest's Wood Turned $100,000 Investment in Bitcoin to $7M
Cathie Wood said she currently owns over $7 million worth of bitcoin, which she purchased on the advice of Reagan-era economist Arthur Laffer, while it was trading at $250.

Two Chinese Agents Charged for Bribing US Law Enforcement Officer with Bitcoin
The US has charged two Chinese intelligence officers with obstruction of justice for bribing a US government employee with $61,0000 in Bitcoin.

UK Could Be The Next Crypto-Friendly Nation As Rishi Sunak Becomes Next PM
Will Rishi Sunak's appointment as the next UK PM spell good fortune for the crypto industry?

Planet IX is Creating a New Framework for Esports by Implementing On-Chain Gaming
Planet IX, the biggest P&E & NFT project on Polygon, has entered into a strategic merger with a disruptive 3D art & gaming studio - ArcadeNFT. As part of the collaboration, Planet IX will be able to incorporate a much sought-after smart contract developed by ArcadeNFT.

SEMPSA JP, LBMA Good Delivery Refinery Launches Tokenized Gold and Silver on the Blockchain in Partnership with Aurus
SEMPSA JP, the leading Spanish Good Delivery precious metals refinery, has partnered with Aurus to offer digital tokens backed by gold and silver to its network of bullion dealers. Five precious metals dealers working with SEMPSA JP are selling tGOLD and tSILVER tokens to the broader retail market via their e-commerce stores. The refinery has tokenized an initial allotment of 3 kgs. of gold and 25 kgs. of silver bullions using the Aurus blockchain protocol.

Are Bitcoin Miners Earning Minimum Reward as Hash Price Plunged to Historic Lows?
The revenue of Bitcoin miners continues to dwindle, given that the hash price has nosedived to historic lows of $66,500 per Exahash, according to Glassnode.

Crypto Leaders' Stance on DCCPA Bill Polarised, Not Everyone Buying It
After much criticism following his support of the uploaded DCCPA bill, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried has again taken to Twitter to explain further on the bill.

Block on Hiring Spree for Bitcoin Mining, Wallet Hardware Businesses
According to Block's job postings on LinkedIn, the available job openings are heads of Bitcoin mining policy, communications, and partnerships among many.

Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Jumps by 3.44%, Reaching New ATH at 36.84 Trillion
Bitcoin's mining difficulty has increased by 3.44%. The increase means that more competition is rising.

FINEXPO Presents Blockchain Fest Singapore 2023
FINEXPO is proud to bring Blockchain Fest 2023 to Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore, one of the biggest venues in Singapore. Singapore is the most crypto friendly environment and a real hub of modern financial Asia inviting companies from Europe and the world to join the event.

BAC Strategists Say Bitcoin's Shifting Correlations May Indicate That It Is Regaining Popularity
Following months of crypto winter, BAC Strategists believe it may now be safe to stack Bitcoin again

CoinsPaid Total Transaction YTD Tops €16B despite Crypto Winter
Cryptocurrency processing platform CoinsPaid has shared an update on its performance in Q3, revealing it saw a two times growth in its transaction volume when compared to the same period of last year.

El Salvador Lags Behind as Spain Overtakes to Become Third Largest Crypto ATM Hub
With a total of 215 crypto ATMs hosted in Spain, the country has now outpaced El Salvador, which is home to 212 crypto ATMs, down to the fourth position, following Spain’s third position.

Bitcoin Group Rumoured to be Engaging in Mulitple Takeover Negotiations
Bitcoin Group SE is rumoured to have been engaging in takeover negotiations with several potential companies that are involved in deposit-taking or credit institutions from Germany.

Lamborghini To Drop World Tour Limited Edition Themed NFT
Luxury automobile brand, Lamborghini is set to launch limited edition World Tour NFTs later this month

Automobili Lamborghini drops its limited edition "World Tour" themed NFTs this October
Fasten your metaversal seatbelts, as Automobili Lamborghini is releasing a series of limited edition ‘World Tour’ themed NFTs this October. In collaboration with Web3 Pro™ and INVNT.ATOM™ (the Web3-focused digital innovation division of [INVNT GROUP]™), the iconic Italian company will release four unique “World tour” themed NFTs available for a limited time.

Cere Network unveils Vision 2.0 primed to be a key driver of Web3 infrastructure adoption in 2023
Cere Network, a leader in Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) platforms, announced today the launch of Vision 2.0 to update supporters on its mission for truly decentralized Web3. The Vision 2.0 release follows the launch of Cere Network’s new website, which displays an array of exciting technology updates along with partnerships and applications in the pipeline.

Bitcoin, DeFi Space See Positive Momentums, NFT Market Declines in Q3
A new report by CoinGecko shows that cryptocurrencies generally led by Bitcoin and DeFi saw some positive little movements in Q3.

Voyager Customers Could Get 72% if Bankruptcy Sale Succeeds
Bankrupt crypto lender Voyager may repay customers 72% of their accounts' value if the company can sell itself to digital-asset exchange FTX US.

US IRS Introduces Broad Category for Digital Assets Ahead of Tax Season
The US IRS has created the Digital Assets categories ahead of this year's tax season

Bitcoin’s Small to Mid-Sized Addresses Continue Going Through the Roof
As Bitcoin continues hovering around the $19K zone, small to mid-sized addresses are scaling the heights, according to Santiment.

Crypto Groups Mobilize Support for Grayscale Spot Bitcoin ETF Lawsuit Fight
The groups have faulted SEC’s decision to disapprove applications of spot Bitcoin ETFs, yet the regulator had allowed similar, riskier products to enter the market.

Bitcoin’s Volume Dominates Performance More than Volatility, Cumberland Suggests
Even though some analysts have stipulated that Bitcoin’s volatility is a cause for concern, crypto trading firm Cumberland believes volume is what matters the most.

Bitcoin Braces for Deeper Bear Market as Fed Eyeing Another Big Rate Hike
The Fed has already announced five rate hikes this year, but the institution has not yet been able to contain the surging inflation.

Crypto Mining May be Sacrificed as EU Continues to Battle Energy Crisis
With the energy crisis in the EU, member countries may be mandated to halt crypto-mining activities

RhinoX Soulbound NFT Launches Roadmap Detailing New ‘Soul Breeding’ Mechanism on Web3
BinaryX, a GameFi development platform, today announced the launch of their official RhinoX roadmap which unlocks new and exciting use cases for soulbound tokens in the Web3 space. The roadmap reveals RhinoX’s ambitious plans to develop a ‘soul breeding’ mechanism that gives existing RhinoX token holders the ability to breed 2nd generation NFTs from their existing NFTs.

Dragonfly Fintech Wins G20 TechSprint CBDC Challenge
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub and Bank Indonesia under the Indonesian G20 Presidency announced the winners of their jointly organized G20 TechSprint competition last week during a live award ceremony in Jakarta. This third edition of the TechSprint aims to catalyze the development of central bank digital currency (CBDC). Twenty-one finalists from more than 100 applicants worldwide developed and submitted innovative best-in-class CBDC solutions.

Dragonfly Fintech Wins G20 TechSprint CBDC Challenge
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub and Bank Indonesia under the Indonesian G20 Presidency announced the winners of their jointly organized G20 TechSprint competition last week during a live award ceremony in Jakarta. This third edition of the TechSprint aims to catalyze the development of central bank digital currency (CBDC). Twenty-one finalists from more than 100 applicants worldwide developed and submitted innovative best-in-class CBDC solutions.

Dragonfly Fintech Wins G20 TechSprint CBDC Challenge
The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub and Bank Indonesia under the Indonesian G20 Presidency announced the winners of their jointly organized G20 TechSprint competition last week during a live award ceremony in Jakarta. This third edition of the TechSprint aims to catalyze the development of central bank digital currency (CBDC). Twenty-one finalists from more than 100 applicants worldwide developed and submitted innovative best-in-class CBDC solutions.

Aussie Regulator Halts 3 Crypto Funds Belonging to Holon Investments
The Australian regulator, ASIC has issued a stop order, halting three major funds linked to Holon Investments

Data Shows US Economy Shrinks Amid Recession while Crypto Surges in Bearish Rally
According to the New York Empire State Index, a weakening of the U.S economy is worrying manufacturers. Meanwhile, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are seeing a rally in their movements.

Ankr Becomes One of the First RPC Providers to the Aptos Blockchain
Ankr, one of the world’s leading Web3 infrastructure providers, today announces that it has become one of the first RPC (Remote Procedure Call) providers to Aptos, a safe and scalable Layer-1 blockchain. Developers can now access Aptos Testnet Community and Premium RPCs, make request calls, and receive information returns that mirror the results they would get by running an Aptos full node by themselves.